Organization Tip: Everything Needs a Home
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Organization Tip: How to Give Everything a Home

Posted on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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This one simple organization tip can change your life!  You won't have to spend time searching for things that got lost anymore.This one, simple, tip can change your life! Often, we find the idea of organizing our home to be quite overwhelming. Countless decisions must be made about what to get rid of, what to keep, and where to put it. Keep in mind that everything needs a home. Give all your items a specific place where they are supposed to be. This will save you so much time!

Your home is the place where you live. It is where you belong. Your friends and family members know that if they want to find you a good place to start looking is at your home.

Finding a Home for all Your Things

Each item in your house needs it own “home”. It is the place where it belongs. Return it to that spot immediately after you are done using it. When you need it again, the first place to look is the “home” for that item. This will save you the time that otherwise would be spent searching around for it.

Here are some simple suggestions of where each items “home” should be:

* Keys – Place a decorative bowl on a table or counter near your door. This is the home for your house keys, car keys, keys for the shed and/or garage, and keys for your Post Office Box. Grab the keys you need before you head out the door. Put them back when you return.

* Mail – Start sorting it immediately. The recycle bin is the home for all junk mail. The desk that your computer sits on (or the one you balance your checkbook at) is the home for all bills. Choose a specific place that can be the home for things like birthday cards and postcard from friends. For many people, the refrigerator door is a good home for them!

* Shoes – Place a small throw rug, or mat, near your front door. This is the home for the shoes that you, and your family, wear daily. Bedroom closets are the home for the shoes that you don’t wear all the time (such as fancy high heels or rain boots).

Got a lot of shoes? Each pair will need its own home. Hang a plastic organizer, that has lots of pockets, over the door of your closet. Each pocket is the home for one pair of shoes.

* Charger Cables – Pick an outlet that isn’t being used right now. Place a box or large bowl near that outlet. This is the home for all the charger cables for the phones and other devices that you use.

The next time your phone is about to run out of juice, you will be able to easily locate its charger cable. Plug the cable into the phone and into the outlet near its home. Put the cable back in its home after use.

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