Non-Food Items to Stockpile for Emergencies
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Non-Food Items to Stockpile for Emergencies

Posted on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Your stockpile can help you get through an emergency.  Here are some non-food items you should have in your stockpile.

It is always a good idea to prepare for a potential emergency. Some emergencies are weather related, and others are more of a financial emergency. Whether you are facing the possibility of dealing with a tornado or a furlough, it is useful to have certain items in your emergency stockpile.

Typically, when a person thinks about creating a stockpile, they are interested in storing food in bulk quantities that they purchased at a low price. This prevents the need to buy the same types of food when the sale is over and the price increases. Your stockpile can help you get through emergencies.

Non-Food Items to Keep in Your Stockpile

Keep in mind that there are also non-food items that should be a part of your emergency stockpile. FEMA suggests the following items:

* First Aid Kit – take the time to make sure it has all the supplies that it should
* Flashlights – in case the power goes out
* Extra batteries – for the flashlights
* Moist towelettes, garbage bags, and plastic ties – “for personal sanitation”
* Local maps – printed out on paper would be best
* Manual can opener – so you can open the cans of food that you stockpiled
* Cell phone chargers – just in case your batteries run low

Here are a few items that some (but not all) families will need:
* Prescription medication – extras of all the medications that you and your family require (make sure to periodically check the expiration date).
* Allergy safe foods – so your allergic family members will have something safe to eat
* Infant formula, diapers, baby wipes – for the needs of the little ones
* Pet food – Pets need something safe to eat

Here are a few other “common sense” items that you will need in case of emergency:

* Toilet paper – for the obvious reasons
* Sanitary napkins – Yes, they are designed for “feminine hygiene”. They also can be used as bandages.
* Plastic tarps – so your family will have protection from rain and/or a dry place to sit down
* Extra clothing – store at least two full changes of clothing for each family member in your stockpile.
* Blankets – in case you are in a cold environment when an emergency happens and lack heat
* Towels – massively useful

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