No Printer? You Can Still Get Printable Coupons
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No Printer? You Can Still Get Printable Coupons

Posted on Saturday, January 8th, 2011 at 12:24 pm
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Using Coupons is like Printing Money

Using Coupons is like Printing Money

It seems these days that the majority of great coupons are all in printable form. You visit a website, select your coupons and print them out at home. Or, you click on a website and the coupons print automatically.

Manufacturers love printable coupons. It saves them the money of having to print and distribute them to customers, they can better limit how many coupons are produced and used, and they can track which coupons are getting printed (and know which coupons interest consumers).

Me, personally I would rather have all of my coupons already printed in Sunday insert form. Why? Well, it costs me more money to print the coupons than they are sometimes worth, I often have trouble printing coupons, and with so many coupons on the Internet and these coupons changing all of the time, I find it harder to organize my coupons and get all of my match ups done than I did when there were no printable coupons.

Still, we can’t ignore printable coupons, or we will be missing out on big savings and a reduced grocery bill. But what if the issue you have with printable coupons is not just a dislike for them but the lack of a printer? Well, there are still a few ways that you can get around this problem and still print or get those printable coupons even when you don’t have a printer available.

Some printable coupons allow you to preview them first. They don’t go straight to your printer. If this is the case, such and with Bath & Body Works or Rite-Aid coupons, you should be able to save these coupons in jpg or pdf form. Once saved, you can print them elsewhere, such as through a friend or the library.

Your library may also allow you to print directly from the Internet and get your coupons. Library policies vary on printing. You might not be allowed to download the applet needed to print the coupons. Some libraries give you a certain number of pages for free, while others charge a small fee. You can group your coupon images on a single page to reduce the cost and the waste.

Some printable coupons, even the ones that go directly to the printer, give you the opportunity to request the coupons by mail. Usually, you only get one coupon even if the print limit is higher, and it may take a while to get your coupon in the mail. Still, it is an easy way to get the printable coupon when you don’t have a printer.

Target offers kiosks in their store that have printing capabilities. You can use these kiosks right there to print your Target printable coupons.

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