Mobile is the Future of Couponing
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Mobile is the Future of Couponing

Posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 at 8:19 am
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Mobile is the Future of CouponingThe use of coupons will always be popular. Coupons give people a quick and easy way to save money. Paper coupons are still easy to get a hold of, but aren’t always as convenient as mobile or digital coupons are. Mobile is the future of couponing.

Koupon recently released its most encompassing report to-date. The report is titled “The State of the Coupon Industry”. If you like, you can download and browse through the entire report.

In general, this type of report is intended to give valuable insight to consumers who are new to mobile couponing, as well as for those who are very familiar with how to find and use digital coupons. The report is probably also useful for brands that make coupons for consumers to use. Koupon advises people who are planning their digital couponing efforts to take advantage of the information that is in the report.

Here are some key pieces of information from the report:
* 42% of mobile users have used a mobile coupon

* 39% of customers spend more if they receive a personalized coupon

* 60% of customers would adopt mobile payments if offered coupons

The report also said that mobile coupon usage jumped in 2015. The data showed that the number of consumers in the United States who used a mobile coupon in 2015 grew 18% to 92.6 million people. What kind of mobile coupons did people use the most? According to the report, energy drinks, soda, and juice were the highest redeeming categories for mobile coupons.

Today, you might be getting a lot of paper coupons from the inserts that are placed into your Sunday newspaper. Keep in mind that many newspapers are struggling to survive. In 2014, the Harvard Political Review noted that print readership was declining, newspapers were closing, and journalists were being laid off. These issues continue to happen today.

Mobile coupons may become more reliable, and accessible, than the paper coupons as time goes by. It is much more difficult for thieves to create fraudulent digital coupons than it is to make fake paper ones. Digital coupons allow brands to offer coupons that can only be used by one, specific, individual.

One of the best things about mobile coupons is how they function. All you need is an app on your smartphone, or the ability to open your email on your phone. Most people bring their phones wherever they go. Paper coupons, on the other hand, can easily be forgotten at home.

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