Macy's Changed its Coupon Policy
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Macy’s Changed its Coupon Policy

Posted on Friday, March 18th, 2016 at 11:16 pm
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Macy'sIt is always a good idea to check over a store’s coupon policy before you go shopping. Coupon policies are always subject to change. In general, stores change their coupon policy in an effort to prevent people from taking advantage of it in ways the store did not anticipate. Macy’s, however, changed its coupon policy in an effort to make things better for customers.

Macy’s will no longer accept coupons for clearance-priced items. At first glance, this does not sound very good for the consumer. People look for the items that are on clearance because they can get them for a lower price than usual. Using a coupon on a clearance item gives the customer an even better deal.

Macy’s is going to continue to accept coupons for it’s regular priced and reduced-price sale items. They are going to more deeply reduce the price of the clearance items. The purpose was to make things simpler for the customer.

It makes it easier for customers to see what price they will pay on a clearance item. There is no more need to “do the math” and figure out the clearance price minus what the coupon subtracts from it.

In addition, Macy’s is going to make it easier for consumers to locate the clearance items. In the past, Macy’s had several clearance racks located all over the store. Customers had to hunt for them, and ran the risk of missing some.

From now on, there will be two locations where customers can consistently find the clearance racks. One will be for men’s apparel, and it will be located in the men’s section. The other will be for women’s apparel, and it will be located in the women’s section. The purpose for this change is to encourage customers to buy the clearance items.

What do these changes mean for consumers? It means that you won’t have to bring coupons to Macy’s anymore (if all you want to do is shop the clearance items). It means that you can get clearance items for less money than you could in the past – no coupon required. It also means you will have an easier time finding the items that are on clearance.

One thing that may have influenced Macy’s to make these changes is social media. It has become very common for frustrated consumers to use their social media accounts to complain about problems they encountered while shopping. Making it easier to find the clearance items, and making those items cost less than before, should result in happy customers.

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