Kroger Ends "Senior Day" and "Double Coupons"
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Kroger Ends “Senior Day” and “Double Coupons”

Posted on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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The Kroger store near you will stop offering the "Senior Day" discount and will not longer double coupons.Kroger is about to end two of their discount programs. This decision will probably make some customers very disappointed. It appears that Kroger is making changes that it believes will enable more customers to benefit from lower prices.

Kroger used to have a discount program for seniors that many called “Senior Day”. It was a grocery discount that had been given for generations.

Originally, Kroger offered seniors a 10 percent discount one day a month. In 2014, Kroger cut that discount to 5 percent. The “Senior Day” program was available to anyone 59 years old and up. The discount could only be used on private label Kroger brands.

Some Kroger stores have already stopped offering the “Senior Day” discount. Others will stop offering it soon. The change effects 96 stores in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana.

All Kroger stores will cease to offer the “Senior Day” discount on March 15, 2017. In addition, Kroger will stop allowing coupon doubling. This change is likely to annoy some extreme couponers.

Coupon Doubling is when a store takes your coupon and matches the value of it (up to a certain amount). For example, let’s say you have a coupon for $1 off a certain product. The store takes your coupon, gives you the $1 dollar discount – and gives you an additional $1 off that product. This will no longer be happening at Kroger stores.

Kroger issued a statement about why they made these changes:

“We are constantly working to bring every customer the most value for their grocery shopping dollar. We recognize some seniors have a limited budget to fulfill their personal grocery shopping needs. In recent years, we have introduced more ways than ever before to save at Kroger and on We’ve committed to lowering thousands of prices on the items that our customers purchase most often, including Kroger (corporate) brand products. We continue to accept print coupons and we also offer 100s of digital coupons that are available to download at and on the free Kroger app. We encourage customers to view our weekly circular to find special pricing, promotions, and events.”

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