Important Things to Know about Catalina Coupons
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Important Things to Know about Catalina Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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catalina-machine1What is a Catalina coupon? Those who are new to couponing may not know the answer to that question.

The short answer is that Catalina refers to the coupons that print out of a special machine that is by the register when you shop at many grocery stores or pharmacies. That “extra” receipt that the cashier hands you probably has your Catalina coupons printed on it! These specialized coupons are called Catalinas because they come from a company that is named Catalina.

How to Get Catalina Coupons
Catalinas are automatically generated based upon what items you purchase. Sometimes, you might get a clue about which items will result in a Catalina coupon from the inserts in a store’s weekly ad, or from a sign or label near a particular product in the store. There could be information about upcoming Catalinas on the print out that contains your Catalina coupons.

Most of the time, though, it is going to feel as though your Catalina coupons are randomly generated. They actually aren’t. You will receive Catalina coupons based upon what brands and products you buy. You might get a Catalina for the brand of frozen dinner that you prefer to purchase, or you could get one for a competing brand. Another way to get Catalina coupons is to select digital ones from Coupon Network. (It is run by the Catalina company).

Which Stores Accept Catalinas?
According to the Catalina website, there are more than 25,000 grocery, drug, and mass merchant stores nationwide that accept Catalinas. Check the giant list on the Catalina website for more details. Typically, a store will only accept Catalina coupons that they printed out. Check their coupon policy anyway because some might accept more.

How Do I Use a Catalina?
The easiest way to use a Catalina is to bring it with you to the store that printed it out. It is also advisable that you look very closely at the details on the Catalina coupon. Make sure that you are purchasing the correct brand, product, and size that a particular Catalina is for. Choose wisely. If you don’t get the right brand, size, product, or quantity required, it will result in you not being able to use that Catalina.

Always check the store’s coupon policy before using Catalina coupons (or other coupons). Catalina’s are often considered to be manufacturers coupons. This means the store might treat them that way. This could be good, or bad, for you (depending on the coupon rules at the store you shop at).

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