How Your Coupons Help the Troops
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How Your Coupons Help the Troops

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012 at 9:28 am
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What can you do with an expired coupon?  I think most people probably just toss them into a recycle bin.  Wait!  Did you know that your expired coupons can be used to help out the troops?  Suddenly, those old, expired coupons just got a whole lot more valuable!

I have to admit, I only recently found out about the “Coupons to Troops” website.  What a wonderful idea!  It gives details about how you can take your expired coupons and send them overseas to military families who are able to use them (even though the expiration date has passed).

The website has an easy to find calendar that shows you exactly how old a coupon can be and still be useful for a military family.  Coupons can be used up to six months past their expiration date, (but it is recommended that you do not send any that are over 30 days expired).  You can help the troops with your old coupons.

Military families that are living overseas are able to use expired coupons at the Commissaries and Exchanges that are located on a base.  They have difficulty finding coupons because, unlike you and me, the families living on military bases are not getting a daily newspaper sent to them that is filled with ad inserts that contain coupons.  Your expired coupons can help a military family, who is living on one income, to make ends meet.

There are some rules about how to send coupons to the troops.  They have to be manufacturers coupons.  You have to sort them into two categories before you send them.  Those categories are: Food and Non-Food.

Food would be anything that can be eaten by humans that will provide calories.  Everything else is Non-Food.  Slim-Fast would be Food.  Vitamins would be Non-Food.  It has been suggested that you should use a baggie to separate the Food coupons from the Non-Food coupons.  Avoid using a rubber band or paper clip for that.

Don’t send expired coupons for fast food restaurants.  Military families won’t be able to use those at the Commissaries and Exchanges.  Fast food places that are incredibly common in the United States are not necessarily going to be found in other countries around the world anyway.  For more information, check out Coups For Troops. It is a good place to start if you want to find an address that you can send your expired coupons to.

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