How to Use Peelies
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How to Use Peelies

Posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 2:05 pm
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Do you know what peelies are and how to use them? They are a form of coupon that can really save your some money.

Peelies are coupons that are available attached to grocery products right on the shelves. The coupons are meant to be peeled off of the product and then used instantly. You can use a peelie like a regular coupon.

I have to say that peelies are not my favorite type of coupon, but they can be useful. You can sometimes get free items with a peelie, or at least combine it with a sale to get a really good price on your product.

Peelies can be exciting because you don’t always know about them before you get to the store. So, there is a little element of savings surprise when you are confronted with one.

Peelies will most often be found on soda products, like Pepsi, combination products that usually go well with some other product (such as on a jar of salsa offering free chips, or an offer for free milk if you buy two packages of cookies). I’ve also seen peelies on cereal on occasion.

Many peelies have a “do not double” designation on them, so make sure that you read the fine print and calculate your savings accurately before making your purchase. Also, since some peelies can be low value, look around for a store brand of the same type of product because you might make a better deal on a generic item.

There can be a moral dilemma with using peelie coupons, and people debate the “rules” of using peelies. Some people to take several of the peelies on the shelves and save them for future purchases when products go on sale, some people take the peelies off of a product and then use it on a smaller size of that product to get a better deal, and some believe that you should only use peelies if you are going to buy that particular product instantly at that moment.

I tend to fall into the latter category of thought. It can be frustrating to make a trip to the store to do a deal only to find that someone has snatched all of the peelies off of the products on the shelves. However, there are usually no particular store rules about using peelies, so you can do whatever is comfortable for you.

Sometimes the manufacturers or the store really don’t want you to save that peelie for a later date or for another product, so they have a way to prevent it.

To discourage peeling off peelies that won’t be used on that particular product, some manufacturers or stores will use special two part peelies that leaves the coupon information and bar code attached to the product even after the peelie is peeled. You’ll often find this on produce, bread, meat and milk that is at or near its expiration date. The stores want to encourage you to buy that exact package and not use the coupon on a fresher package.

When using a peelie, look to see how you might combine it with another offer, such as a sale or a catalina deal. This will give you the best savings.

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