How to Start a Coupon Club
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How to Start a Coupon Club

Posted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 at 4:40 pm
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Coupons clubs are a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to use grocery coupons to save money. A coupon club can help you get more of your favorite coupons, learn coupon strategies from more experienced “coupon queens” and have a fun social time with other like-minded people.

While there are plenty of large coupon clubs out on the Internet, starting a small local club can have a lot of extra benefits, such as not needing to mail out coupons, and sharing great local deals.

To start a coupon club, look to the places where you normally gather with other people, such as the workplace, a moms club, a church group, your child’s school or parent association or a neighborhood organization.

Ask around to see if anyone is interested in joining a coupon club. Don’t worry about starting small because word can get around quickly, and you should soon have more members.

You can choose to meet to exchange coupons, or just designate a spot where members can drop off unwanted coupons and browse through coupons left by other members. After a while, you may know which coupons to set aside for which person, such as a particular brand of baby diapers or dog food.

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