How to Save Money at Vons
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How to Save Money at Vons

Posted on Thursday, August 28th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Do you shop at Vons?  Here are some simple techniques that you can use to save money on groceries from Vons.You can end up saving a lot of money on groceries if you know how to get the best discounts. Vons has a loyalty program that gives members access to plenty of coupons. The saving techniques that are described here can be applied to other grocery stores that have their own loyalty cards.

5 Tips for Saving Money at Vons

Get the Loyalty Card
Vons has a customer loyalty program called Just For U. It is free to sign up for. Members get special savings on products from all over the store. You will see price tags that say one price, and then list a lower price for members.

Download Coupons
Members of the Just for U program get access to special digital coupons that non-members cannot get. Visit the Vons website, pick out the coupons that you want to use, and add them to your membership card. When you get to the cash register, those coupons will automatically be scanned and used.

Check the Receipt
Usually, the cashier will hand you two things after you have paid for your groceries. One is a receipt. Flip it over and see if there are coupons printed on the back of it before you recycle or shred it.

The cashier will also hand you a couple of catalina coupons. They are usually connected to brands that you purchased that day or that you have bought a lot of in previous shopping trips. Many people throw these papers into a grocery bag and forget all about them. Be aware of these coupons, use them, and save money.

Bring More Coupons
Members of the Vons Just for U loyalty program can use coupons that come from other sources. Some people don’t realize that, and think they can only use the ones that are connected with the program. Not so! Go ahead and print out the coupons that you want to use from your favorite coupon resource. Bring all of them with when you go grocery shopping. The more coupons – the more savings. Be sure to check out Safeway Coupon Matchups each week too to see which coupons you can match up with that week’s sales to save you the most.

Bring Your Own Bags
Will you be doing your grocery shopping in a town or city that has a plastic bag ban? Bring some canvas reusable bags with you to the store. Doing so will prevent you from having to spend five or ten cents on every paper bag that your cashier needs to use to put your groceries in. Those bags sound inexpensive until you add up the extra cost, week after week, that you could have easily saved.

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