How to Press Flowers
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How to Press Flowers

Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Turn that bouquet of spring flowers into decorative art!  Use one of these techniques to make pressed flower art.That lovely bouquet of spring flowers won’t last forever. Or, will it? The art of pressing flower petals enables you to keep more than just a photo of your lovely bouquet of flowers. Turn the petals into art. It isn’t difficult to do. Here are some tips to help you.

How to Turn Flowers into Art

There is more than one technique that you can use to press flowers. No matter which one you use, the results will be the same. You will end up with pressed flower petal art. Choose the technique that you like best, follow the directions, and preserve your spring bouquet of flowers.

Use a Telephone Book
Martha Stewart has a very simple way to press flower petals. First, gather the flowers. Make sure they are free from blemishes. If the flowers came from outside, make sure they are dry (and not covered in rain or dew).

Line the inner pages of a fat telephone book with parchment paper. Place the flower face down in between the parchment paper. Close the telephone book. Put something heavy on top of it. Later, go back and check to make sure that all of the moisture is gone. When the flower feels papery, it is time to remove it from the telephone book.

Use a Flower Press
Yes, there really is a crafting device that is called a flower press It consists of pieces of wood that are held together by screws and fasteners. You can purchase flower press kits or make your own. They all function the same way. Remove the fasteners. Lift off the top piece of wood. Put a piece of paper on the bottom piece of wood. Place your flowers on top. Add another piece of paper on top of the flowers. Put back the top piece of wood. Secure it tightly with the fasteners. Wait, and your flowers will be pressed.

Use an Iron
Some of you may have used this flower pressing technique when you were in elementary school or Girl Scouts. Place a sheet of wax paper onto an ironing board. Arrange the flowers that you want to press on top of it. Put another sheet of wax paper over the top of the flowers.

Cover the entire thing with a paper towel. Use an iron on a medium setting. Press down as you iron the paper towel. You are using both heat and weight to press the flowers. Don’t take too long on this step!

Remove the towel, and let the wax paper cool down. Your pressed flowers are carefully preserved inside the wax paper. Trim the edges with decorative scissors to give the finished product a more finished look.

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