How to Organize your Makeup
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How to Organize your Makeup

Posted on Thursday, January 16th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Is your makeup scattered all over the place?  Use these simple tips to quickly and easily organize your makeup.How many eye shadows do you own? Not sure? Now is a great time to organize your makeup. Doing so will help prevent unnecessary spending on products that you already have plenty of. Organizing your makeup can also lengthen the life of your brushes. Here are some simple tips that will make it really simple to organize all of your makeup and tools.

Simple Tips for Organizing Your Makeup

Gather it all together
Collect up all of your makeup and put it in one place. Grab the products and tools that are in your bathroom. Empty all your makeup bags. Fish all the products out of your purse. Seek out the makeup that is in your car. Bring all of it to one spot so you can really see what you have.

Has anything expired?
Look for an expiration date on each and every product. Throw away the ones that are expired. Toss out the ones that smell bad or that have separated. Expired makeup can make you sick from the bacteria that has gathered in it. There is no good reason to keep them!

Vases for brushes
Good makeup brushes can be expensive. Cleaning them, regularly, can extend their life. Ideally, brushes should be set upright as they are drying. Find a small vase that you like the look of. Store your makeup brushes in them. Use the brush, wash the brush, put it back in the vase. The collection of brushes in a vase mimics flowers and adds a decorative touch.

You can also use a cute vase (or empty candle holder) as storage for other makeup tools. Put your tweezers, eyebrow curler, and all other tools into a vase. Set it next to the one that holds your brushes.

Easy Organizers
Do you love the way your makeup looks when it sits on the counter in your bathroom? Use a tiered cupcake server to store your makeup. Your hairdryer, brushes, curling iron, and combs can go on the bottom tier. Line up concealers, eye shadows, and blushes in the second tier. Put the vases that hold brushes and tools on the top tier. Instant organization!

Does clutter bother you? Try a tackle-box (or makeup storage case that functions like a tackle-box). Each compartment can hold one type of makeup (like lipsticks or eye shadow). Open the box, and you can quickly find the makeup you need. When you are done, close the box and store it under the sink. Instant organization without the clutter!

Repeat the process
Sort through your makeup every month and throw away the expired products. Take a moment to put back anything that got out of place. It will only take a few minutes to keep organized if you repeatedly devote a small amount of time to keep up with it.

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