How to Have an Allergy-Friendly Easter
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How to Have an Allergy-Friendly Easter

Posted on Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Easter fun and joyHolidays can be difficult for children who have food allergies. There are going to be some fun, seasonal, treats that are not allergy-friendly. What can parents do to ensure that their child avoids all allergens and still has a good time on Easter? Here are some simple tips to help your family have an allergy-friendly Easter.

Focus on Non-Edible Treats
Your child’s Easter basket doesn’t have to be filled with candy in order to make the day special. Holiday candy can be tricky because there isn’t always a good way to know, for certain, if it contains the same ingredients as the “regular” version. Instead of taking a risk, why not fill the basket with non-edible treats?

Little kids will enjoy an Easter themed board book. Children of all ages will appreciate a stuffed animal that they can play with and cuddle. You can avoid the wheat that is in Play Dough by making a gluten-free version of it at home. Older kids might find a pack of Uno cards to be exciting – especially if the rest of the family takes the time to play a few hands.

Make Safe Treats Yourself
The Rice Krispies website has a recipe for gluten-free Rice Krispies treats. You will need a box of their gluten-free Rice Krispies Cereal. (The regular version is not gluten-free). You can substitute margarine for the butter in the recipe to fit the needs of children who have dairy allergies.

The Our Life as an Epi-Family blog has great photos that show how to form Rice Krispies treats into egg shapes. It is simple to do and turns an everyday treat into an Easter themed one.

Easter without the Eggs
Use colorful, plastic, eggs instead of real ones. The will work just as well in a backyard Easter egg hunt. Try an Easter craft (that is designed to be put together by children) in place of dyeing Easter eggs. Families that are very creative can try their hand at rock painting. this Easter. Doing so will enable children to paint and decorate a natural object that is similar in shape to an Easter egg.

Or, you could see if your local craft store has styrofoam eggs that can be decorated with glitter, sequence, and other interesting craft materials. These allergy-friendly alternative help kids to engage all aspects of the Easter holiday without being exposed to allergens.

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