How to Get the Best Price on Cleaning Products
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How to Get the Best Price on Cleaning Products

Posted on Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Here are some simple tricks that will help you to save money on the cleaning products that you need to buy.You are all out of cleaning products and company is coming over tomorrow. We’ve all been in that situation! Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on the supplies that you need in order to clean your home. Here are a few simple tricks that will help you to get the best price on the cleaning products.

How to Save on Cleaning Products

Shop the Dollar Stores
The bottle of window cleaner that you find at the dollar store is going to have the same ingredients as the name brand cleaner you usually buy from a department store or grocery store. Take a minute to compare the labels. Why spend more money than you have to on the exact, same, cleaning product?

Save Money at CVS
CVS is a pharmacy that also sells some groceries and household items. People who have the CVS Extra Care card can use the coupon dispensing machine at the CVS stores. You might be given some coupons for cleaning products. Shop there often enough, and you will earn some “extra bucks” that can be used just like a coupon. Or, you could get a coupon that takes a certain percentage off the total amount of your order. Use those coupons when you need to buy a lot of cleaning products.

Try the Store Brand
Many of us have a very limited amount of time that we can spend on shopping. You can’t really avoid shopping for groceries. As a result, a lot of people buy their cleaning products from the grocery store. Compare the ingredients in the name brand cleaning product with the ingredients in the store’s brand. They will probably be the same, but the store brand will cost less.

Get additional savings by loading digital coupons for cleaning products onto your loyalty card for that grocery store. Bring the price down even further by using some printable coupons for cleaning products.

Buy in Bulk
One way to knock down the price, on anything, is to buy it in bulk. Typically, the larger the package, the smaller the cost per unit, or per ounce, of that product. This isn’t always true, so you will need to do a little bit of math to check it out before you make a purchase.

Look at the smaller version of the cleaning product you want to buy. Note how many ounces it contains. Figure out what one ounce costs. (Sometimes, the shelf label will figure this out for you). Next, do the same for the biggest size of the same product. Which comes out cheaper? That’s the one to buy!

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