How to Find Free Couponing Classes
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How to Find Free Couponing Classes

Posted on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 at 9:40 am
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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the ins and outs of couponing? You’re not alone. There’s a lot of different coupons and a lot of different coupon policies to go with them. Couponing classes can benefit any level of couponer, whether you’re just starting to coupon or you’re a couponing pro!

Learning to Coupon With!

You can learn to coupon without ever leaving your house with Get started with our Video Tutorials. These will teach you everything you need to know about the website, how to find coupons, and how to organize your coupons. Once you’re done watching the Video Tutorials, you can head on over to our “How to Coupon” section to read up on all different kinds of coupons and coupon policies. Can’t find what your looking for? Use the search bar on the right-hand side of the page to search for keywords in the blog posts. We’re here to help, so if you ever feel lost in a sea of coupons just ask! You can email us or post your questions to our Facebook page.

Learning to Coupon in Your Community!

With the growing popularity of couponing, many communities have started to offer couponing classes. Not all of these classes are free, but if you’re lucky you might just find your community offers free couponing classes. Finding free couponing classes in your community can sometimes be a bit tricky. You may have to do some searching. Check with your local clubhouses, community college, YMCA, churches, and schools. Also check Craigslist and community boards for flyers that may lead you to a couponing class.

Why Do I Need A Couponing Class?

Couponing classes are a great way to meet likeminded savvy shoppers and share all of your wonderful money-saving tips and tricks. Not only can you make new couponing connections and friends, but you can trade coupons and learn more about couponing than you ever imagined possible!

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