How to Care For Your Christmas Tree
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How to Care For Your Christmas Tree

Posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Real Christmas trees require a certain amount of maintenance and care in order to keep them moist.  Here are some tips to help you care for your tree.Did your family get a real Christmas tree this year? Make sure that you are properly caring for it. Doing so can help prevent it from drying out and save you the money of having to buy a replacement tree. Here are some ideas that can help you to properly care for your real Christmas tree.

How to Care for a Christmas Tree

Caring for your real Christmas tree is important. Part of the reason is aesthetic. You want your tree to look good for the photos on Christmas morning. The biggest reason to care for your real Christmas tree is safety. A dried out tree is at risk for becoming a fire hazard.

The National Christmas Tree Association has some excellent advice for caring for your real Christmas tree. They point out that more than half your tree’s weight is water (when it is first cut). To properly care for your Christmas tree, you will need to diligently replace the water that the tree loses. Doing so will help prevent your tree from drying out.

Your tree should be displayed in a traditional reservoir type stand. The reservoir is where the water will go. You can minimize needle loss if you make sure your tree always has a good amount of water. Once you get your tree home, you are going to want to place it into the water as soon as possible.

How much water does it need? This depends on the size of your tree. The National Christmas Tree Association says that your stand should provide 1 quart of water per inch of stem diameter. They also note that you should use a stand that fits your tree. Don’t try and whittle down the trunk of your Christmas tree in order to force it to fit into a stand.

The National Fire Protection Association has some good advice about Christmas trees and fire safety. They point out that the risk of fire is higher with real Christmas trees than with artificial ones. Real trees that are kept moist are unlikely to catch fire unintentionally. The biggest risk is with real trees that have dried out.

What causes a dried out tree to ignite? The most common cause is electrical failures or malfunctions. Other fires happen because there was a heat source that was located too close to the tree. Decorative lights with line voltage can also cause fires. Every year, there are some Christmas tree fires that are started by candles.

Is your tree already dried out? That can happen if you put up your tree before Thanksgiving. It might be safest to replace it with a fresher Christmas tree that has not dried out.

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