How Long do Cleaning Products Last?
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How Long do Cleaning Products Last?

Posted on Thursday, February 27th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Spring Cleaning SuppliesWe all know that one way to save money on cleaning products is to buy them in bulk. How much is too much, though? Cleaning Products don’t last forever. They can expire. Throwing something out before you could use it up is a waste of money. Ideally, you want to buy the amount that you can reasonably use before it goes bad. Here is a guide to help you figure out when cleaning products go bad.

Dish Detergent can last for one year. This is true for both the powdered and liquid kinds. It has been suggested that you do not purchase more automatic dishwasher detergent than you can use up within 3 months.

Aerosol air fresheners can last for about 2 years. After that, they begin to break down and lose the lovely fragrance that inspired you to purchase them.

Bleach can last between 3 to 6 months. After 6 months it can start breaking down to salt and water. Check the expiration date on the bottle before you use it. Ideally, you want to store bleach somewhere that stays between 50 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If stored in areas outside of that temperature range, it can start to break down after just 3 months.

Laundry detergent that has not yet been opened can last 9 months (and potentially up to one year). Once you open it, that changes. Opened laundry detergent will only be good for 6 months.

Fabric softener can stay good for about a year. After that, it is going to start losing its softening power. This is true no matter if the fabric softener is liquid, a dryer sheet, or a dryer bar.

Vinegar can last indefinitely (or so says The Vinegar Institute). The color may change over time, but this is affects aesthetics, only. The vinegar will be just as functional, no matter the color.

Mr. Clean floor cleaner can last for 2 years. This is true whether the bottle has been opened or if it remained sealed.

Lysol disinfectant can last for 2 years. After 2 years, it will still function as a disinfectant, but can lose some effectiveness. The scent or fragrance of the product will start to diminish.

Multi-surface cleaners will last for about 2 years. Oddly enough, they don’t last as long if they contain any antibacterial ingredients. Those versions will only remain effective for one year.

Metal polish typically lasts for about 2 years. Before you apply it, you should take the time to check the consistency. Does it has clumps, lumps, or excess water? If so – throw it away!

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