How Amazon's Purchase of Whole Foods Affects Coupons
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How Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods Affects Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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rsz_1whole-foods-logoWhole Foods CEO John Mackey announced that his company had been purchased by Amazon. In general, when one company buys another – some changes are made. How will Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods affect coupons? We won’t know for certain until the partnership is completed – but some speculation can be found online.

The Herald Whig newspaper reported that Amazon has made a habit of collecting information on customers. It seems that industry experts think that there may be some crossover in higher-income customers who patronize Whole Foods as well as Amazon Prime.

There is speculation that perhaps, sometime in the future, there might be special discounts on items from Whole Foods that will only be offered to people who have an Amazon Prime membership. Those who frequent Whole Foods might be tempted to get an Amazon Prime membership for those extra deals.

Recently, Amazon began offering a Prime Membership for $5.99 per month or people who have a valid EBT card. The Amazon partnership with Whole Foods could result in helping people who have very low incomes to purchase organic food at an affordable price.

CNBC reported that there is the possibility that Amazon will choose to lower the prices at Whole Foods. If so, that could mean shoppers would have less of a need for coupons. After all, the main purpose of using coupons is to lower one’s grocery bill.

In the same CNBC article, there is the implication that Whole Foods might stop issuing coupons entirely. The reason is not one you might have guessed. Grocery stores tends to offer weekly promotions and manufacturer coupons to entice customers to shop there. Amazon has sold food online for quite some time, but it has never functioned like a typical grocery store would.

It might be possible for customers who shop at Whole Foods to be able to use digital coupons. There are some apps that provide users with digital coupons that are not directly connected to one, specific, store. It might be best for people to call their local Whole Foods, and ask about their new coupon policy, after the merger with Amazon is complete.

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