Have a Healthy Easter
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Have a Healthy Easter

Posted on Thursday, April 17th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Mandarin OrangesWhat’s in your children’s Easter basket? Typically, an Easter basket is filled with more candy and sugar than is healthy. Another health concern comes from the unrefrigerated Easter eggs. Here are some tips to help your family have a very healthy Easter.

The Egg Safety Center has advice about how to safely color and decorate hard-boiled eggs. First, you need to thoroughly wash your hands and the area you will be working in. If you aren’t going to dye your hard-boiled eggs right away, they need to go into the refrigerator. Don’t color any eggs that are cracked. Eggs that crack while you are dying them need to be thrown away.

Throw away any hard-boiled eggs that have been out of the refrigerator for more than two hours. They aren’t safe to eat. Parents need to be very aware of how long the hard-boiled eggs have been sitting in their children’s Easter baskets. Will you be hiding Easter eggs for an egg hunt? Be careful to avoid putting eggs in places where they will come into contact with dirt, pets, wild animals, reptiles, insects, or lawn chemicals.

Annie’s makes several snacks that are shaped like bunnies. Their fruit snacks are organic and can be found in most grocery stores. Each box of Annie’s fruit snacks includes individually wrapped packages. This makes them as easy to toss into an Easter basket as candy would be.

Small boxes of raisins are another alternative to candy. Do your kids like clementines or cuties? Those “little oranges” can safely sit out, unrefrigerated, until your child finds his or her Easter basket. Put some yogurt covered, or chocolate covered, nuts into some of the plastic Easter eggs.

Another way to avoid going overboard on candy is to put non-edible treats into the Easter baskets. Board books about Easter are great for little kids (especially if the book has flaps to open). Parents can read the book to their child, or make it a new bedtime story. Small containers of Play Dough are another good choice. Manipulating Play Dough is a good way to improve small motor skills.

Pick toys that encourage kids to go outside and play. Bubbles work best outside on a slightly windy day. Sidewalk chalk requires a driveway to use as a canvas. Drawing requires children to use their imaginations. Two or more children could create an “art show” of their drawings for parents to enjoy.

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