Getting Deals without Double Coupons
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Getting Deals without Double Coupons

Posted on Monday, May 16th, 2011 at 10:12 am
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In a blog written in the Extreme Couponing section, I wrote about how the show Extreme Couponing may be bad news for couponers.  One thing we may start to see more of is less and less coupon doubling.  As much as doubling coupons really helps us, there are ways to save without relying on it!

Match Your Coupons With Promotions and Sales

Check what promotions certain manufacturers are currently offering and what sales are in stores.  When you find a promotion or sale on an item you like, check to see if you have or can get any coupons for it.  If the coupons don’t specify what size you need to buy of the item, purchase smaller or travel sizes to save more.

Stack Coupons

Stacking your coupons can be really helpful.  Stacking means that you use both a manufacturer’s coupon and a store’s coupon on the same product.  Just check the store policy to make sure you can actually do so!

Price Books

Consider starting your own price book.  These books help you to figure out sale cycles of certain stores and which stores sell the products you use the most for the lowest cost.  They’re simple to make and will help you out in the long run!

Get Multiple Coupons

When you are buying a product you know you want to stock up on, you’ll want to have as many coupons on hand as possible.  See if you can print multiple coupons, snag a couple Sunday inserts, or trade friends and families for coupons.  Check your coupon to see if it says “One coupon per purchase” or “One coupon per order.”  If it’s the former, you can use one coupon per item.  So three coupons for three laundry detergents is just fine!  It it’s the later however, you are only able to use one specific coupon per visit.  Also, take advantage of BOGO deals.  When you have two of the same coupon you can usually apply one to each item!

Look For Rewards

Several stores reward their shoppers for certain purchases.  One example is CVS with their Extra Care Bucks.  Check to see if your store will give you rewards for buying certain products.  These products can be in the form of coupons for money off or even cash back!

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