Frugal Ways to Survive Allergy Season
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Frugal Ways to Survive Allergy Season

Posted on Thursday, March 20th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Are pollen allergies making you suffer this spring?  Here are some easy ways to make allergy season more frugal.  Spring is here, and the pollen count is high! Everything is blooming. That may sound great to some people. Those who are allergic to pollen, however, may find themselves miserable at the start of spring. Here are some simple tips to help you survive this allergy season.

How to Save During Allergy Season

Sign up for Savings
Which allergy medication has your doctor prescribed for you? Many of them are now available over-the-counter. That makes them somewhat less expensive than medications that require a prescription. Many of the well known allergy medications will offer coupons if you sign up with their website. Claritin has some coupon offers. Allegra has some coupons, too. Zyrtec has a “points” related plan and the points can be redeemed for Zyrtec coupons and more.

Consider a Generic
It is a good idea to ask your doctor if a generic form of the allergy medication you take will work just as well for you. The generic versions contain the same ingredients as the name brand ones. Next time you are at the pharmacy, pick up the name brand and the generic equivalent. Compare the ingredients and the price.

Another option is to buy the medication that you require in bulk. Again, compare the prices of the name brand to the generic. The “big bottle” or package of allergy medication might cost less than two of the smaller ones. Just don’t go overboard, because all medications have expiration dates. Buy what you are likely to use.

Stock up on Tissues
People who find that their allergies are bad in the spring tend to go through a lot of tissues. Save money on tissues by paying attention to see which brand is on sale. Use the store’s loyalty card for better savings. That will make it less expensive to stock up on what you need.

Kleenex will give you a coupon if you play their “Catwalk or Kleenex” game. They show you a design, and you have to guess if it comes from a Kleenex box or a designer outfit. You must register with the Kleenex website in order to print out the coupon.

Check the Pollen Count
You can do this for free from the comfort of your home computer. Type “pollen count” into Google and select one of the websites that offers it. Most will allow you to see what the pollen count is like in the zip code where you live. If the pollen is high, you may want to consider staying inside that day. Turn on the air conditioning – it will help filter out the pollen from your indoor air.

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