Frugal Gifts for the Geeks in your Life
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Frugal Gifts for the Geeks in your Life

Posted on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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If you aren't a geek, you may find it difficult to shop for the geeks in your life.  Here are some frugal ideas that will be greatly appreciated.  The geeks in your life can be a bit difficult to shop for. You might not be very familiar with the video game, movie, TV show or book series that they love. It may be impossible to know what they already have. What can you do? Try one of these frugal ideas for gifts for the geeks in your life.

Frugal Gift Ideas for Geeks

Movie Tickets
There’s always going to be a much-anticipated movie coming out that relates to fantasy, science-fiction, superheroes, or video games. Contact the theater that is located nearest the person you want to buy the gift for. The theater might be able to sell you some pre-paid movie passes that can be used throughout the year.

Game Time
You can easily purchase a gift card that corresponds to a specific video game. It can be used to purchase game time. Some video games require a subscription. The money you put on the gift card can pay for part of, or all of, the next month’s subscription fee.

There is another way to give the gift of game time. Create a “coupon book”. Each coupon represents an uninterrupted hour of time in which your spouse or child can play a video game. Be prepared to honor those coupons when they are turned in. Make an effort to prevent all disruptions during that hour.

In-Game Purchases
What if the geek in your life doesn’t play a video game that requires a subscription? You can still buy him or her a gift card for that game. The money will be used on in-game purchases.

The specific details will vary from one game to the next. It could be for a virtual pet for one of their characters, a digital pack of cards, a special “skin” to make their character look cool, or be used to unlock an area in a game. Some of the smaller online games require players to put in real-world money in order to purchase special items that will make their gaming experience a more successful one.

You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt that has a logo, image, or saying from someone’s favorite video game, movie, TV series, or comic book. Before you make that purchase, find out the person’s favorite thing and their clothing size. Keep in mind that a medium size in a men’s t-shirt is not the same as a medium size in a women’s t-shirt.

Not sure where to look? Start at ThinkGeek and see if you can find something there. Some department stores will have geek appropriate t-shirts in the men’s section.

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