Frugal Food for St. Patrick's Day
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Frugal Food for St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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Holiday foods can end up being expensive.  However, it is possible to enjoy the foods and drinks that go with St. Patrick's Day for a frugal price.You can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with all of the foods that are associated with it – but at a lower cost. One way to lower the cost is to make the food yourself at home (instead of paying for it at a chain restaurant). Another way is to use coupons to make the food you buy more frugal.

Frugal Food Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Visit the Buffet
Buffets are great because you can get a whole lot of food for a reasonable amount of money. There is a chain of buffet restaurants that go by different names (depending on where you live).

Hometown Buffet, Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Fire Mountain, and Country Buffet often serve hand-carved corned beef all day long on St. Patrick’s Day.

Use Your Coupons
Planning on making corned beef and cabbage yourself? Do you like to bake your own Irish soda bread instead of purchasing a pre-made one? Make sure to look for coupons that will lower the cost of the ingredients these foods require.

It is also a good idea to shop at a grocery store where you have a loyalty card. Those who have one will be offered discounts on all kinds of items from all over the store. If you can’t find coupons for the St. Patrick’s Day foods you want, perhaps you can lower the cost of the rest of your groceries instead.

Make a “Copycat” Recipe
The Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s is tasty. A small Shamrock shake costs a little less than $3.00, and a medium one costs a little more then $3.00. That’s just for one shake!

It doesn’t sound expensive if you only want one. However, the price adds up if you want more than one during the season it appears in. Families who have a lot of children will notice how fast the price of one shake adds up when you need four of them at the same time.

A less expensive option is to use a “copycat” recipe to make your own version of a Shamrock Shake at home. One gallon of vanilla ice cream contains about 16 cups of ice cream. The “copycat” recipe calls for just 2 cups per shake. That’s enough for 8 Shamrock shakes, for the price of maybe one or two.

Share with Family
One way to make the cost of St. Patrick’s Day foods lower is to split it among several family members. Someone makes the corned beef and cabbage. Another person bakes some Irish soda bread. A third person gathers up all the ingredients for “copycat” Shamrock shakes. Everyone shares the cost – and everyone gets to enjoy the foods together.

Photo Credit: Taste of Home

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