Free Father's Day Coloring Sheets and Crafts
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Free Father’s Day Coloring Sheets and Crafts

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 at 6:54 pm
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Need a quick and easy craft or card for you kids to give their dad on Father's Day?  Start with some of these!Its always adorable when the kids make Dad a Father’s Day gift. Bigger kids may have an easier time with this than little kids will. However, all kids can color. Here is a quick list of where to find some free, printable, Father’s Day coloring sheets, simple crafts and cards.

Father’s Day Coloring Pages, Crafts & Cards is a great place to start when you want to find coloring sheets that are designed for a specific holiday. Its a brand name, and a website, that you can trust. Here are just a few of the Father’s Day coloring sheets they offer:

* Daddy Bear shows a picture of a large bear who is wearing a tie. A smaller bear brings him a rose.

* Father and Son Having a Catch hows an image of a dad and his son playing catch. The son is throwing a baseball to his dad, who is about to catch it in a baseball glove.

* Father’s Day – Hungry Dad shows an amusing picture of a rooster and a smaller chicken. The little chicken is eating a sandwich. The rooster is eating a gigantic sandwich! At the top, it says “Happy Father’s Day”

* Fishing With Grandpa is a drawing of a little boy who is holding a fishing pole. His grandfather, who is wearing a fishing hat, is right next to him. They are standing on a pier and doing some fishing. This one would be a good choice for kids who want to honor their grandfather on Father’s Day.

Disney Family is another name you can trust. They have coloring sheets and simple crafts that connect to specific holidays. Some of the crafts might require the help of an adult.

* Nemo and Marlin Father’s Day Frame is a colorful frame that features Nemo and his dad, Marlin, from the “Finding Nemo” movie. It says “Happy Father’s Day” at the top of the frame. Glue the frame onto cardboard to make it more durable. There is room for a photo to go into the frame.

* Mickey and Pluto Father’s Day Coloring Page shows a drawing of Mickey and Pluto in their backyard. Mickey is getting ready to use the grill. He trips over Pluto’s bowl. Pluto is ready to catch and eat the hamburgers and hot dogs that Mickey is dropping.

* Lion King Father’s Day Card comes in two parts. A bigger kid will be able to put it together themselves. The outside of the card shows Simba. It says “I just can’t wait”. The inside of the card shows Mufasa and Simba. It says “..To be just like you”. There is room for a child to write his or her name.

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