Find Coupons in Not-So-Obvious Places
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How to Find Coupons in Not-So-Obvious Places

Posted on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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You know how to find online printable coupons. What about the coupons hiding in not-so-obvious places?Today, most people go online when they want to look for coupons. It has gotten very easy to find online printable coupons. Several grocery stores will allow people to digitally upload coupons onto their loyalty cards. You probably already know how to find these coupons. What about the coupons that are hiding in the not-so-obvious places? Here are some tips on how to find them.

5 Secret Places to Look for Coupons

Inside the Package
Before you recycle that empty box, take a look at the inside of the package. This could mean you have to tear open the box and flatten it out. Sometimes, there will be a coupon printed on the inside. You can also occasionally find a manufacturers coupon that has been wrapped in plastic and stuffed into a box of cereal or pasta.

On a Facebook Page
Restaurants and fast food places have started putting not-so-obvious coupons onto their Facebook pages. You are unlikely to see them unless you “like” their page. It will appear in the form of a post that has a link you need to click in order to have the coupon emailed to you. That post could get lost in the pile of posts from everyone you follow or all the companies you “like”. You may miss that coupon if you don’t visit the company’s Facebook page at the right time.

This type of coupon can hide in plain sight! If you don’t look closely at a package before you toss it into your shopping cart, you could miss them. A peelie is a coupon that the manufacturer decided to stick onto a particular product. It is rarely announced beforehand. If you find a peelie, point it out to the cashier when you are ready to make your purchase (or she might miss it).

These coupons are attached around the neck of bottle. It could be attached to a glass bottle of wine, a plastic 2-liter of soda, or something else. Sometimes, they look like a small advertisement that the manufacturer has placed around the neck of the bottle. Look closer. There could be a coupon on it!

Next to the Product
There are some very nice people out there who will put a coupon that they decided not to use next to the product that it is for. You could be the lucky shopper who happens to find that coupon.

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