Find Couponing Tools at a Great Cost!
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Find Couponing Tools at a Great Cost!

Posted on Sunday, March 4th, 2012 at 7:12 am
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Ready to get organized for couponing?  You are going to need some supplies.  This will require an initial investment on things that will last for years before they wear out.  You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune in order to get the organizational tools that you will need.

If you have ever watched a television show that features extreme couponers, you probably noticed that all of them were carrying gigantic binders that were filed with all of the coupons that they have collected.  If you are going to get into extreme couponing yourself, the first thing you need is a binder.

I would recommend that you visit an office supply store to pick up your binder.  You can get one that is three inches thick.  Do some price checking before you shop.  Which store has those on sale, Office Max or Staples? To save even more money, bring a store coupon with you that will let you save some money on your entire purchase.

Extreme couponers use the same kind of plastic sheets in their binders as other people use to store baseball cards.  To get these, I would suggest visiting Hobby Lobby, or perhaps Michaels. In general,  it will cost less per sheet if you buy them in bulk.  Once you put the plastic sheets into the binder, you are ready to do some serious coupon organizing.

Where are you putting your stockpile?  Extreme couponers end up collecting a whole lot of food, and it all has to go somewhere.  No matter which room in your house you choose to dedicate to your stockpile, one thing will be true.  You are going to need some shelves!

There is more than one place to get inexpensive, yet sturdy, shelves from.  Sears tends to sell the type of shelves that one would typically use in their garage.  They might be made of thick, hard, plastic, or of metal.  Either way, they will be strong enough to hold all those cans, boxes, and bottles of groceries.

Another option is to visit the thrift stores in your area.  You never know what you will find there.  There is the potential that you could find some sturdy shelves for your stockpile for a low price.

Need a little coupon organizer for the times when you only plan on buying a few things?  You might find one at your local dollar store. This is also a good place to find an inexpensive planner that you can use to help you keep track of sales, (or of when a certain coupon will expire).  Pick up a cute, canvas, grocery tote at your favorite grocery store.  Many stores offer them in nice colors and styles now.

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