Don't Let Your Coupons Make You Overspend
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Don’t Let Your Coupons Make You Overspend

Posted on Thursday, May 14th, 2015 at 10:06 pm
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Not every coupon is going to help you save money! Pay attention to how the coupon is worded and if your family will actually use the product. People use coupons because they are a simple way to save a little money. There are times, however, when using a coupon could actually cause you to spend more money than you planned. Or, it could actually result in wasted food. Here are a few coupon “tricks” that could cause you to overspend and waste your money.

Buy One, Get One Free
At first glance, this sounds like a great deal. All you have to do is buy one product and you get a second one for free. If your family uses a lot of that particular product, this type of coupon might help you save money.

But, what if that coupon is for a brand your family doesn’t prefer, or a type of food your family doesn’t use a lot of? That coupon could be wasting your money. You end up paying for a product that is going to sit in your kitchen, untouched. The free one will go unused, too. That coupon isn’t such a deal anymore. Instead, it is tricking you into buying something your family doesn’t want to use.

Save $1.00 When You Buy 2 or More
Let’s say the coupon is for a certain brand of milk. Buy two or more gallons of milk, and save a dollar on the total price. If you have a large family, and everyone consumes a lot of milk on a regular basis, the dollar savings might be worth it.

What if you are single, have a small family, or have a family member who is allergic to milk and cannot consume it? This coupon isn’t a good deal for you. It is trying to trick you into buying more product than you are likely to be able to use before it goes bad. Food that gets thrown away is a waste of money.

Save 25% on Your Total Purchase
Who wouldn’t like to give themselves a 25% discount on their groceries? These types of coupons are extremely appealing because they sound like you are going to get an excellent deal.

The trick is that these coupons come with a minimum spending limitation. For example, the coupon could say (in small print) that you can only use it if you spend $200 or more at the grocery store. That’s great for big families who always spend that amount on groceries.

But, it’s actually detrimental for people who typically spend less than that amount. The wording of the coupon tricks people into spending more than they intended just so they could use the coupon. If you typically spend $100 on groceries, and have to spend $200 to use the coupon… you aren’t actually saving money at all!

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