3 DIY Halloween Gravestones for your Yard
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3 DIY Halloween Gravestones for your Yard

Posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Ready to decorate your yard for Halloween? Don't forget to make a Halloween graveyard. Here are some simply ways to create DIY gravestones.Halloween is one of the few holidays in which people set up decorations in their yards. Often, this includes carved pumpkins, fake spider webs, and things like that. Would you like to set up your own Halloween graveyard this year? There are so many ways to make your own Halloween gravestones.

3 Ways to Make Halloween Tombstones

Paper Bag Tombstones
Martha Stewart has a really easy way to make authentic looking Halloween gravestones. Her instructions will show you how to make them out of paper shopping bags. She suggests that you use gray shopping bags so that they will end up looking like stone.

Basically, what you need to do is cut the top of the bag into a shape that resembles a gravestone. You also need to add an epitaph onto the front of it. Not feeling very crafty? Martha Stewart has a template you can use for both of those things. Eventually, you will need to open the bags and stake them to the ground. Put a lit tea light in them for spooky effects.

Cardboard Box Gravestone
Dave Lowe Designs has an excellent tutorial, complete with photos, that will walk you through how to make awesome looking Halloween gravestones for your yard. Start with a free overnight shipping box from Fed-Ex (or any other shipping company).

He shows you how to use a template to make the name on your gravestone. There is a certain way to fold the cardboard in order to make a base (and help the gravestone stand up). He also used two or three coats of exterior house paint to give the cardboard box gravestone a realistic look. This project takes a bit more skill than the one from Martha Stewart (but isn’t too difficult).

Tissue Box Gravestones
Crayola.com has a super simple DIY Halloween gravestone craft for children to do. First, you will need to collect up some empty tissue boxes (that were headed to the recycle bin). Follow the directions on the Crayola website.

In short, a child can take a piece of paper, cut it into a gravestone shape, and color it to make it resemble stone. An epitaph can be added to the front if desired (or just put R.I.P.). Glue the finished gravestone to the front of the empty tissue box. They will make a nice window display for Halloween trick-or-treaters to enjoy.

You could place these mini Halloween gravestones outside if you place them on a covered porch (so they don’t get rained on). It might be a good idea to stick rocks inside the empty box to weigh it down.

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