Coupons, Real and Fake
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Coupons, Real and Fake

Posted on Saturday, April 25th, 2009 at 12:01 pm
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The preview of Sunday’s insert coupons is here. Looks like a very good week to stock up. If you receive Red Plum via mail, you may have already received the coupons from their circular.

We have a list of printable coupons, and we also from time to time tell you about coupons you can obtain by mail, with booklets and special offers. We’ll be expanding that area shortly – there are so many great promotions out there.

But today, lets talk about counterfeit coupons – yes, people really do commit fraud with counterfeit coupons – and it impacts all of us who are honestly working hard to save money legally.

Last year, Good Morning America ran a report on counterfeits, and how they actually cause honest couponers to be viewed with suspicion, and treated like criminals. Some stores don’t accept legitimate internet coupons, because they are so spooked by fraud redemptions.

Take a look here at all the counterfeit coupons listed. Be aware that if you attempt to print and use these, you could be arrested for fraud. Do not print these, do not trade them, and certainly do not buy them!

Counterfeit couponing, “beating the system” is a pet peeve of mine – we all pay for the actions of these greedy dishonest people. And it’s not just the people who redeem or sell counterfeits – an entire clearinghouse was found guilty of “coupon laundering” and defrauding major retailers and manufacturers.

Let’s keep it real, people. And let’s keep it clean.

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