Coupons Are Not Worth Fighting About
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Coupons Are Not Worth Fighting About

Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 7:00 am
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Coupons Are Not Worth Fighting AboutThere are some couponers who will get extremely excited when they find a good coupon. They look forward to using it and saving money.

It is understandable that a person could feel disappointed, upset, or embarrassed, when the cashier refuses to honor their coupon. No matter what emotions you are feeling in that situation, coupons are not worth fighting about.

Some people believe that the best method of ensuring that they get the customer service they want is to throw a fit. They think that fighting with the cashier, demanding to speak to a manager, and holding up the line at the register is going to influence a cashier to take an expired coupon.

Why do people behave that way? It is probably because doing so has worked for them in the past. Some stores have policies in place to placate customers who are loud and disgruntled.

There are very good reasons why coupons are not worth fighting about. We live in a world where nearly everyone has a smartphone. People no longer hesitate to whip out their smartphone and take a video of a person who is behaving badly in public. The couponer who throws a fit may find a video of their bad behavior being circulated on the internet.

It is also possible that the fight a person chooses to start with a cashier could lead to legal issues. A grandmother and grandson discovered this after they started an argument with a cashier who would not accept their Coca-Cola coupon.

The grandson, who was a teenager, allegedly became very upset. The grandmother allegedly continued to yell at the cashier. Someone called the police. It is unclear who it was, but another shopper told police that he was offended by the profanity the grandmother was using. Long story short, the grandmother and grandson were booked on two counts of disorderly conduct (and other charges).

There are other reasons why you shouldn’t start a fight with a cashier over a coupon. Keep in mind that your cashier is not the person who created the store’s coupon policy. He or she has no authority to change it – not even when a customer starts screaming about a rejected coupon. Pushing a cashier to take an expired coupon might save you a little money, but it could cost that cashier his or her job.

What can you do when a cashier refuses to accept your coupon? Most people just shrug and recycle the coupon. One rejected coupon is not the end of the world. Your other coupons probably were accepted, so you ended up saving money anyway.

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