How to Make Gardening More Frugal
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How to Make Gardening More Frugal

Posted on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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You can get your garden started for less money if you take advantage of coupons, sales, and special deals on plants and gardening supplies.  One very frugal way to get your spring garden started is to make use of coupons and sales related to gardening supplies. The start of the season is a great time to find them. Companies that sell plants, pots, and seeds want to grab your attention right now! Here are some places to look for great garden deals.

Ways to Make Gardening Frugal

Save On Seeds
Burpee might be the most popular resource for gardeners. They have several special offers going on right now. You can sign up for their newsletter for free. Doing so will get you $10.00 off today’s purchase of $40.00 or more. Make your purchase through their website.

Burpee also has a Perennial Plants Mix & Match sale. Put 3 or more plants into your e-cart. You can mix and match them from a selection. You will save 20% on each plant.

Burpee has a sweepstakes going on right now. There are three prizes. Third prize is a $100.00 Burpee Gift Card. Second Prize is a Mantis ComposTumbler and $50.00 Burpee Gift Card. The Grand Prize is a Mantis Rototiller and a $25.00 Burpee Gift Card. Good luck!

Save on Pots and More
Did you know that IKEA has plant pots, herb scissors, plant stands, and even a small greenhouse? Some of their plant pots are under $5.00.

You can get herb scissors for $2.99 and a 3 piece set of gardening tools for $3.99. Their greenhouse costs about $20.00. Some of their items are available online, but you may need to head to an IKEA store for the rest.

Check the local Farm Supply Store
You can find all kinds of things at a farm supply store. What does yours carry? Farm supply stores are a great place to find large pots or plant boxes for your garden. Think “outside of the box” and you can find unique and useful planters. Got a big space to fill? Consider using a water trough as a raised bed for a vegetable garden.

Visit the Garden Section
Now is a good time to pick up some starter plants from the garden section of your favorite department store. Some grocery stores, that have floral departments, could be selling small starter plants right now. Use the store’s loyalty card to get a discount on the plants and other items that you buy for your garden. It may be less expensive than buying the same items from a nursery.

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