Couponing Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes
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Couponing Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Posted on Thursday, June 11th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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There are certain mistakes that everyone makes when they begin using coupons.  Have you made any of these common mistakes?Coupons are easy to use and a good way to save some money. They are a simple way to stretch your grocery budget by at least a couple of dollars. Unfortunately, coupons can also be super frustrating. Here is a quick list of coupon mistakes that almost everyone has made.

Couponing Mistakes to Avoid

Left Coupons at Home
You’ve got your grocery list in one hand and your reusable bags in the other. You manage to find everything you were hoping to purchase. You get to the register and put all your groceries on it. That’s the moment you realize that you left your coupons at home!

There’s not much you can do about it now. However, there are ways to prevent it from happening again. Put your coupons into your reusable bags. Assign a family member to hold the coupons while you are shopping. Or, get digital coupons online and connect them to the loyalty card of your favorite grocery store.

Forgot to Check Expiration
Almost all coupons will have an expiration date. Once that date passes, you cannot use the coupon. Some people feel sad that they failed to use a really good coupon in time. Others feel embarrassed when the cashier announces that their coupon has expired.

Everyone has made this mistake when they began using coupons. Doing it once can be considered a “learning experience”. Don’t make a habit of trying to use expired coupons, though, because that can be considered coupon fraud.

How can you avoid making this mistake again? Take the time to check the expiration date on each and every coupon you plan to use. Do it right before you leave home to go grocery shopping.

Didn’t Read the Coupon
This is another mistake that many people make when they are rushed for time. You grabbed a coupon from one of those dispensers that is attached to the doors in the frozen food aisles. It looked good, so you quickly picked up the product it was for and finished your shopping.

When you get to the register you discover that the coupon in your hand, and the brand of product you picked up, do not match. Or, even worse, you got the brand right but the coupons is a “Buy 1 Get 1 free”. It’s too late now to go pick up that second product.

The simple way to avoid this common coupon mistake is to take the time to read the coupon. What brand is it for? How many does the coupon require you to buy? Is the amount you have to buy worth the discount the coupon gives? These are important things to find out.

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