"Couponing Isn't Fair!"
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“Couponing Isn’t Fair!”

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 at 7:00 am
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Fake Coupons with US CoinsThe reason that couponing is popular is because it saves people money. It’s nice to be able to use coupons and make your dollars stretch a little bit farther. Not everyone has access to all of the coupons that are in existence. This fact of life is one that makes some shoppers declare “Couponing isn’t fair!”

Coupons are useful. They give shoppers a quick and easy way to save a little money on products that they were going to purchase anyway. Or, a coupon might lower the cost of an item that is new to the consumer just enough to tempt them to give it a try.

Ultimately, it is the food manufacturers that make the decision about when, and where, to offer a coupon. They get to choose everything from the expiration date to the amount of discount the coupon offers. The manufacturers can be as generous, or as stingy, as they choose when deciding the total number of coupons they will offer.

Couponers need to realize that no one is entitled to receive a coupon. People should view coupons as an extra treat (that helps them save money). Be happy that you have access to some useful coupons. Keep things positive. If you find yourself getting really upset about coupons – it may be time to take a break from couponing.

Reasons why some people think couponing is unfair:

Fear of missing out (FOMO): A person has found some coupons that they can print out or digitally add to their store’s loyalty card. In the back of their mind, they worry that somewhere out there are better coupons that they haven’t been able to find.

Lack of mobile device: Today, there are a lot of coupons that are only offered to mobile customers. The people who have a store’s app on their smartphone, or who have downloaded a specialized coupon app, are able to get exclusive coupons. A person who doesn’t have a smartphone might feel it is unfair that they cannot access those coupons from their desktop computer.

Policy changes: Coupons.com recently changed their policy and removed the zip code selection tool from their website. People who were using that tool in a way that it was not intended to be used complained that this change wasn’t fair.

Some people felt that manufacturers were not offering the best coupons to the people that lived in their zip code. Others discovered that consumers in different zip codes were being offered additional coupons. These couponers felt it was unfair for Coupons.com limit them to only the coupons that were for their zip code.

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