Couponer Involved in Altercation at the Register
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Couponer Involved in Altercation at the Register

Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 at 6:17 pm
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Don't be the couponer that irritates the people who are waiting in line behind them!Extreme couponing is serious business! People who do it spend lots of energy, time, and effort to find and collect coupons. Bring a stack of coupons with you to the grocery store, and you can end up saving a lot of money. Unfortunately, there are times when having a binder full of coupons to sort through can irritate the people who are waiting in line behind you.

A couponer in Tennessee got into an altercation at the cash register at a grocery store. Her version of what happened doesn’t quite match up with other evidence. What is clear is that her massive amount of coupons made the man behind her in line rather irritated.

What is known is that the woman was at the register with her usual couponing supplies. She carried a binder that had a filing system inside it. She also had a duffle bag (or large purse-type bag) that was filled with full inserts. What is not know is how organized her coupons were before she got to the register.

It is easy to see why a transaction that involved a whole bunch of coupons would take longer than one that only included one or two coupons (or none at all). The woman who was involved in the altercation at the register later admitted that it took about 20 minutes for her to check out.

According to the woman, a man behind her became impatient. She said he was shouting at her, expressing his frustration about having to wait so long in line. The woman claimed that one thing the man said was “Come on, there’s other people out here. Nobody has time for this.”

A store video showed that the woman, when finished with her transaction, turned around and poured her drink on the man who was behind her. The video cuts out after that. The woman told police that the man attacked her, and that she had a possible cracked rib, a hip strain, bruises, and a knot on her head. Police only saw a small scratch on her forehead. She refused medical treatment.

Don’t let a scene like this one happen to you! If a customer behind you in line starts complaining about how long your transaction is taking, you should make an effort to ignore that person. Do not engage with them by talking back or by pouring a drink on them.

Another way to avoid irritating the customers who are in line behind you is to have all of your coupons ready to go before you get in line. Doing so enables you to hand the stack of sorted coupons to the cashier right away so she can immediately start scanning them.

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