Cleaning Myths you Shouldn't Fall for!
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Cleaning Myths you Shouldn’t Fall for!

Posted on Thursday, March 6th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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There are several cleaning myths floating around the internet. Here are the facts that will prevent you from falling for them!The internet is an excellent resource that you can use to find the information that you need. Unfortunately, the internet is also a place where misinformation, half-truths, and myths are passed around. There are several cleaning myths out there that may sound like truth. Here is a quick list that will help you avoid falling for the most common cleaning myths.

The Truth About Cleaning Myths

Myth: Coca Cola can be used as a household cleaner.

Fact: No, you should not use Coca Cola to clean your home! The myth that has been passed around says that you can use Coca Cola to remove grease from clothing, to clean dirt from windshields, and to remove rust spots from car bumpers. Some versions of the myth imply that Coca Cola is used by police to remove blood stains from roads.

The Coca Cola website recommends that those of you who are looking for a naturally acid household cleaner should use vinegar instead of Coca Cola. They also note that water is a better choice for cleaning pavement.

Myth: All you really need is bleach.

Fact: No, you are actually going to need more than just bleach. People get confused because they know that bleach is a good disinfectant. That doesn’t mean that you can skip steps in your cleaning process and just pour bleach over everything. Take the time to remove dirt, food, and other debris with an appropriate cleaning product. Some of those products may contain a disinfectant – which means you won’t need to use bleach afterwards.

Myth: The more cleaning products you use, the better!

Fact: This is the most dangerous cleaning myth ever! You have to be extremely careful about mixing cleaning products. Keep the windows open while you clean, and try and use as few cleaning products during one cleaning session as possible. Some mixes can kill you.

Never use:
* Vinegar and bleach
* Ammonia and bleach
* Detergents and disinfectants that contain quarternary ammonia.

The safest thing to do is pick just one cleaning product and use only that one. It is safe to use baking soda and vinegar together (or each one separately). Lemon juice also can be used for cleaning. All three are natural cleaning products that are non-toxic. Or, choose your favorite all purpose cleaner and use it instead of a bunch of different cleaning products.

Myth: Coffee grounds can be used to deodorize a garbage disposal.

Fact: This is an example of a cleaning myth that has some factual basis to it. Yes, tossing coffee grounds into your garbage disposal will remove the odor. Unfortunately, the coffee grounds can actually damage your garbage disposal! Try using a sliced lemon instead. Or, choose a cleaner that is specifically designed to be used in a garbage disposal.

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