Box Tops for Education Helps Schools
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Box Tops for Education Helps Schools

Posted on Thursday, September 4th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Globe, notebook stack and pencils. Schoolchild and student studiWant to help your child’s school, but don’t have the extra money to donate? There is a way that you can help without having to spend any extra money. The program is called Box Tops for Education. Clip special box tops just like you would a coupon. Send them to your child’s school. Every little bit helps!

What is Box Tops for Education?
Box Tops for Education is a simple way for people to donate money to a school without having to write a check or hand over some cash. Instead, they collect Box Tops from certain products that can be found at the grocery store.

Give the box tops to a participating school of your choice. That school can use the Box Tops cash to buy whatever the school needs. Each Box Top is worth ten cents for the school. Over 80,000 K-8 schools participate in the Box Tops for Education program.

Where Can I Find Box Tops?
The easiest way to find out about all the products that are participating in the Box Tops for Education program is to visit their website. Click the tab that says Participating Products. Many of the products can be found in grocery stores, so keep an eye out for them as you do your shopping. They include cereals, frozen products, baking products, snacks, juice, dairy foods, food storage products, produce, and paper products. Look for an icon on the top of the box (or front of the packaging) that says “Box Tops for Education”.

How Much Has My School Earned?
The Box Tops for Education website keeps track of participating school’s earning progress. Sign up to find out how much your child’s school has earned from this special program. You can compare how much your school has earned to the earnings of other local schools or with schools across the nation.

Signing up at Box Tops For Education gives you access to some very nice things. You can get printable coupons for products that come from companies that are participating in the program. Take them with you to the grocery store. You can also get Bonus Box Tops.

How Do Schools Get Paid For Box Tops?
The school can turn in the Box Tops all year long. Each school can receive two checks per year from the Box Tops for Education program – one in December, and one in April. The December check is the school’s accrued earning from March 2 through November 1. The April check covers earnings from November 2 through March 1. The school must earn at least $20.00 in Box Tops in order to receive a check. If they receive less, the amount carries over into the next check period.

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