4 Question to Ask Before You Start a Stockpile
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4 Question to Ask Before You Start a Stockpile

Posted on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Ready to start your very own stockpile? Here are some things to consider before you do that.Are you thinking about starting your very own stockpile? There are some things that you should consider before you rush out and buy a ton of groceries. Ideally, you want your stockpile to be functional, easy to keep up with, and a money-saver. Here are some tips to help you get your stockpile started.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Stockpile

Where will you put it?
All that food has to go somewhere! The first thing you need to do is figure out where your stockpile will go. Look around your home. Where do you have some extra space? Choose a spot that is going to be easy for you to access and not in the way of your family’s day to day life.

Some good choices include:
* A closet that is in or near the kitchen
* A pantry
* Along one of the walls in your garage
* A room in your basement that you already use for storage

Keep in mind that food (even canned foods) can be affected by extreme temperature. How hot does your garage get in the summer? Does your basement become as cold as your freezer in the winter? If so, choose a better, more temperate, location for your stockpile.

How much freezer space do you actually have?
It is incredibly easy to overestimate the size of your freezer. This can lead to a waste of both food and money! Before you stock up on meat, chicken, or other frozen products, take the time to figure out how much your freezer will actually hold. Buy too much, and you will have to eat the food before it goes bad. That’s not going build your stockpile!

What products does your family use?
Every family has a couple of brands that they prefer over others. How picky is your family? Some children will fuss about eating food that did not come in a name brand package (even if the ingredients are the same).

Stock up on the brands that your family likes. Those foods will get eaten! Look for coupons for those brands. Yes, you might save a little extra money if you buy an off-brand, or a brand that is not preferred. However, if your family won’t eat it, then you won’t really be saving money at all.

Do you have time to maintain a stockpile?
Your stockpile is not going to organize itself. You are going to have to put some time, and effort, into keeping things manageable. Ideally, you want to put like items together and use the oldest products first. Disorganization makes that extremely difficult.

Think of your stockpile like a garden. It is going to require regular “weeding”, “planting”, and “crop rotation”. Do you have the time to put towards your stockpile? Don’t start a stockpile if you are too busy to maintain it.

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