Before You Buy a Halloween Costume...
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Before You Buy a Halloween Costume…

Posted on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Before you go out and buy a brand new Halloween costume, you might want to see what you already have at home. Try some of these ideas!What are your kids going to dress up as on Halloween? Are some of the adults in your family planning to put on costumes and attend Halloween parties? Before you spend money to buy a Halloween costume you might want to see what you already have at home.

Alternatives to Buying a New Halloween Costume

Last Year’s Costumes
If your family includes several children, chances are there are plenty of “old” Halloween costumes still around. The younger kids will be able to fit into the Halloween costumes that were worn by the older kids in previous years. Dig your box of Halloween costumes out of storage and have the kids start trying them on.

Certain types of Halloween costumes are timeless. Costumes of Disney Princesses, or other characters, stay popular. Classic monsters, like vampires, mummies, and ghosts, are costumes that you will see people dressing up in year after year.

Repurposed Costumes
Do your kids participate in after school activities that involve a uniform or costume? They could go trick-or-treating in the clothing they wear for those activities. Your little soccer player, football player, cheerleader, ballet dancer, or karate student can wear that outfit on Halloween.

This option might not appeal to all children. However, it is a great idea for kids who feel emotionally uncomfortable when wearing clothing that they are not familiar with. It also works as a simple, safe, option for kids who have issues with the texture or “feel” of Halloween costumes.

Easy Costumes for Adults
Will you be attending a Halloween party that requires you to wear a costume? Does your family all dress up for trick-or-treating – adults included? If so, you are going to need a costume. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to get one. Be creative!

* Black graduation gown + Black wig + long tree branch from the backyard = Severus Snape from the popular Harry Potter Series.

* Bibbed jean overalls + an old flannel shirt + a floppy hat + minimal face makeup = Scarecrow

* Wedding gown + plastic, glitzy, tiara + sparkly nail polish = Princess or Queen

* Headband with animal ears + sweatpants and sweatshirt of the same color = cat, dog, mouse, or bear (depending on what the animal ears are shaped like)

* Football jersey of your favorite team + face paint of the team’s colors = Superfan!

* Black pants + shirt from the Renaissance Faire + red bandanna = pirate

Visit the Thrift Stores
You never know what you will find in the clothing section of a thrift store. In October, many thrift stores start gathering up items that can be put together to make Halloween costumes. They will usually have a display of ideas.

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