Be Careful With Coupons for Free Products
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Be Careful With Coupons for Free Products

Posted on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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FreeEverybody loves to get something for free! It is the ultimate form of frugal shopping. It is easy to see why people are looking for coupons that will get you a free product. Unfortunately, scammers know that offers for free products are going to get attention. You need to be careful with coupons for free products.

Watch Out for Scams
Where did you find that lovely coupon for a free product? Before you print it out, it is advisable to check to see if the website is reliable and safe. Manufacturers are “stingy” with giving out coupons for free products. Usually, you have to sign up with the website of a particular company to get legitimate coupons for free stuff. If you aren’t on the manufacturer’s website, beware!

The coupons for free products that you see on some random website that you have never heard of are very likely to be fraudulent. A scammer puts a fake free coupon on their website to attract people to it. Do not download it or print it out. You never know what that website might actually put on your computer. Do not enter your personal information onto that website!

Never buy coupons for free products. It’s counterintuitive to spend money in order to get a coupon for something that is free. If you are asked to pay for these coupons – it is a scam!

Facebook has some Freebies
It is possible to get legitimate coupons for free products through the Facebook page of a particular company. Facebook has become a popular way for companies to attract customers. Often, the way to get the coupon for something free starts by clicking “like” on the company’s Facebook page.

Usually, what happens next is you will see a page that has a coupon for a free product that you can print out. Sometimes, the company may send you an email (outside of Facebook) with the coupon in it. These are safe to use because you know, for certain, that it came right from the company that makes the product.

Ask Nicely
Another way to get coupons for free products is to ask for some. Write a letter to a company whose products you love. Tell them what you enjoy about their product, and ask if they have any coupons for it. You might receive a coupon for a free product. Or, you might get a “regular” coupon for their products.

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