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Another Source of Coupons!

Posted on Friday, October 15th, 2010 at 10:11 am
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Using coupons can stretche your budget

Using coupons can stretch your budget

If you are wondering where to find coupon and grocery coupons, well then you have come to the right place. There are hundreds of coupons out there to find. Printable coupons are some of my favorites because I can pick and chose which coupons I need without adding any extra clutter to my coupon files or my home.

Sunday Insert coupons are another great source of coupons, probably the easiest because you have a bunch of good coupons in one spot.

There is, however, another source of a bunch of coupons that many people ignore. I want to tell you about it so you can make sure to get these coupons and not miss out.

If you want extra coupons, visit your local store. This could be a grocery store or a drugstore. Often, there are free magazines at these stores. I know that my first instinct used to be to ignore these books. I used to think that they were nothing but advertisement, and yes, more clutter. But there is a very good reason for picking up these magazines–they usually have tons of coupons in them!

Many of the coupons are good for store brand items, which means that you will get extra savings by using them. It is hard to find coupons that can be applied to the lower priced store brand products. So far, these booklets and occasionally (rarely) the store flyers are the only sources of these store brand coupons that I have ever seen.

There are also plenty of manufacturer coupons in there as well. I recently found a coupon that got me an entire name brand frozen pizza for only $.99!

Beside the coupons, although of course that is our main focus, are helpful recipes. Many times these recipes are the convenience kind–they use convenience foods. I have found though, that I can substitute homemade items (such as a homemade pie crust or homemade apple butter for a tart recipe for example) and wind up with some great new inexpensive recipes for my collection.

Right now, there are plenty of magazines out there that have to do with fall and the holidays. You also might find a few remaining back to school books out there in the stores. Soon, the store calendars filled with monthly coupons will be out.

You can often find these magazines at the front of the store when you first enter through the main doors. There also may be other magazines near the deli counter, bread counter and pharmacy counter. The next time you visit your favorite store, take a few moments to cruise around and find all of the available free magazines and books. You never know what new valuable grocery coupons that you will find!

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