American Shoppers Prefer Paper Coupons
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American Shoppers Prefer Paper Coupons

Posted on Thursday, December 17th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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Clipping CouponsIt is no secret that Americans love coupons. Anything that can simply, and reliably, save a person some money will always be popular. A survey discovered that American shoppers prefer certain kinds of coupons over the other varieties.

A survey was done by Gfk Custom Research North America. It was commissioned by a website called The researchers asked 1,000 American adults about their coupon habits. It appears that all the adults who were questioned had credit and/or debit cards.

The researchers discovered something unexpected. American shoppers prefer paper coupons over digital coupons and printable coupons. They prefer clipping paper coupons over loading digital coupons onto their phones.

A senior industry analyst at the credit website that commissioned the survey believes that the preference for paper coupons might decrease as technology advances and consumers and brands become more comfortable using coupons electronically. It has been estimated that once the eCoupon process gets easier for people that 85% will shift away from paper coupon use.

Here is what the survey found:

* 85% of Americans use coupons at least occasionally.

* 63% of the 1,000 people in the survey who use coupons said that they most frequently present cashiers with coupons that came from newspapers, mailings, and other paper products.

* Paper coupon usage decreases with income and increases with age. In other words, the less money you have – the more paper coupons you will use. The survey found that as people age, they tend to use more paper coupons.

* Despite the previous finding, the survey also discovered that people who are 18 to 24 years old are using paper coupons about twice as much as any other types of coupons.

* The majority of the 1,000 people in the survey indicated that paper coupons were their first choice. 17% of the people in the survey preferred the type of coupon that allows them to enter a discount code online. Only 15% of the people surveyed preferred to present a coupon or discount code that is on their phone to the cashier.

Why are the 18-24 year olds, the most technologically savvy generation, still using paper coupons? The survey did not say. Perhaps it is because this group tends to have a high amount of student loan debt, and little option to obtain a high-paying job after graduation.

It is possible that they are using plenty of digital coupons, too. The younger generation may have figured out that it is sometimes possible to use a digital coupon and a paper coupon at the same time – for an even bigger savings than if they only used one kind of coupon.

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