Albertsons "Wish Big Win Big" Holiday Giveaway
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Albertsons “Wish Big Win Big” Holiday Giveaway

Posted on Thursday, November 10th, 2011 at 10:29 am
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Attention Albertsons shoppers! Shopping at Albertsons just got more exciting for you avid savers! Through January 31st, 2012 Albertsons is featuring a chance for shoppers to win big prizes when shopping and using an Albertsons preferred card for purchases. This promotion similarly reminds me of the McDonald’s Monopoly game, however the likelihood of actually winning prizes seems to be higher for Albertson’s giveaway participants.

How “Wish Big Win Big” Works

The Albertsons “Wish Big Win Big” game board unfolds from a pamphlet into and double sided game board. There are products laid out in categories according to the prizes offered to win which include a $1,000 Albertsons shopping spree, cars, cash, and much more. There are only 2-5 spots under each category that need to be filled in order to win that prize; and every time you shop there’s an opportunity to receive two new game board pieces. In addition to game board pieces there’s an opportunity to instantly win free products and additional store coupons. On top of that, Albertsons has advertised certain in-store products that when bought, earn shoppers bonus tickets! Keep an eye out for this tag, as featured to the left,  on products throughout Albertsons stores.

Every time Albertsons shoppers use their preferred savings cards, not only do they save on their groceries, they receive either 2 game board pieces, an instant winner/free prize ticket, and/or additional store coupons. Place game pieces on corresponding game board slots and watch as the board fills up. The Albertsons “Win Big Wish Big” game board isn’t overloaded with slots like a monopoly board, so it’s more exciting and you’re more likely to win and save money! Additionally, buy advertised bonus ticket items to receive even more game board pieces and get closer to winning that dream car or flat-screen TV.

What to Remember

-Bring your Albertsons preferred card or use a phone number linked to a preferred account. Game pieces aren’t earned unless you use your preferred savings card. You have to save money in order save even more money and win prizes!!

-If you don’t have a preferred card, it costs nothing and is easy to join. Simply ask the counter clerk for an application and immediately start saving money on your current purchases.

– Keep your eye out for Bonus Ticket items that earn you more pieces while you shop.

-In order to be entered into the $1,000 Albertsons shopping spree, mail in your shopping spree game pieces. There are four sweepstakes taking place each month starting in November and ending in February. Enter your name as many times as you’d like with corresponding game board pieces. The earlier you play, the more chances you have to win!

– See the rules that apply to the game for information about products that will not earn you game board pieces. For example, alcohol, tobacco, and lottery ticket purchases do not qualify.

Happy Shopping!

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