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Albertsons 2013 Coupon Policy

Posted on Friday, May 31st, 2013 at 3:56 pm
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Albertsons LogoInformation Current as of May 2013

*Check with the manager of your local Albertsons to see which policies apply. Some may even have additional rules and regulations

General Coupon Acceptance Guidelines

  • Coupons are accepted in accordance to the stated requirements on the coupon at the time of purchase. These requirements include, but are not limited to: product type, flavor(s), size(s), quantities and minimum/maximum dollar purchase limits
  • Coupons are intended for one time use and cannot be redeemed more than once
  • Coupons have no cash value
  • Albertsons only accepts original coupons and does not accept photocopied or reproduced coupons (including multiple prints of same series internet coupons)
  • Albertsons does not accept expired coupons. Printed expiration dates are verified in addition to scanning the coupon for validity
  • Coupons stating “on next/future purchase or visit” cannot be used in the transaction in which they are generated. Next purchase is defined as a separate transaction
  • The coupon redemption value on ‘free’ coupons may not exceed the value of the item.
  • Albertsons will accept one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon on the same qualifying item. (Twice the Value coupons are considered a store coupon)
  • Albertsons does not accept competitor coupons. (Coupons generated by any competitor with competitor logo are considered competitor coupons)
  • All applicable sales tax must be paid by the customer at the full value of the item.
  • Albertsons reserves the right to refuse any coupons at its discretion


Manufacturer Coupons

  • Coupons issued by manufacturers contain redemption guidelines including, but not limited to: “terms of agreement”, “face value”, “expiration date” and the verbiage “manufacturer coupon.” Albertsons adheres to all manufacturer redemption guidelines
  • Albertsons may issueprivate promotion “manufacturer coupons” in advertisements that state “redeemable only at Albertsons” in which Albertsons is the only retailer that will accept
  • Coupons that exceed the retail value of an item will have the remaining amount applied to the balance of the transaction. In the event a transaction balance results in a credit, additional items WILL be added/suggested to the order to utilize the remaining value of the coupon. Albertsons will not provide any “cash back” on coupons, however they will provide full redemption value
  • Albertsons accepts internet/print-at-home manufacturer coupons that have a scannable barcode, have serial numbers that follow an industry-standard format, and clearly indicate that they are a manufacturer coupon with a valid manufacturer address printed on them.
  • Albertsons does not accept internet generated manufacturer coupons that offer a free product without a required purchase, feature a redemption value that exceeds $5.00, are missing a clear and scannable UPC bar code, or coupons without a valid manufacturer address printed on it
  • Albertsons’ Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) promotions can be combined with BOGO coupons from manufacturers.


Store Coupons & Promotions

  • Rain checks for store coupons will be given out as long as the store coupon does not state “while supplies last”
  • Coupons issued by Albertsons contain redemption guidelines including, but not limited to: “terms of agreement,” “face value,” “expiration date,” and the words “store coupon”
  • Albertsons offers store coupons in various media forms including print, electronic, newspaper, direct mailers, kiosks and company websites
  • Albertsons may issue store coupons in advertisements that state “redeemable only at Albertsons”
  • Store coupons may require the use of Preferred/Loyalty/Rewards Card use
  • “Twice the Value” store coupons can only be used in combination with a $1.00 or less manufacturer coupon. If a manufacturer coupon states that it cannot be doubled, Albertsons does not allow you to pair the coupon with a “Twice the Value” coupon
  • “Market Basket” coupons can be used with manufacturer coupons. They can be stacked according to ad/redemption guidelines


Catalina Checkout Coupons/Rebates

  • Manufacturer, store or Market Basket Catalina coupons received at checkout must be used on your next transaction.
  • Catalina coupons are non-transferable


Policy taken from the official Albertsons website


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