KMart's Coupon Blunder
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KMart’s Coupon Blunder

Posted on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 at 8:15 pm
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Dedicated couponers have been planning for the upcoming KMart double coupon days in April.  There are serious limits on the number of coupons you can double, and you must have a KMart card.  However, you can still save big, you just have to go prepared.  And be sure to carry the local ad with you, so that cashiers will know that they are doubling.  Sadly, at many Kmarts in the past, the cashiers are the last to know about promotions like this.

KMart had what appeared to be a great coupon on its website recently.  You could print it right from the website, and it offered $10 off a purchase of $20 or more.  As consumers started redeeming it, there were incidents in some stores of customers being accused of printing a fraudulent coupon.  Still others reported that they were congratulated by the cashier on saving so much money.  Kmart pulled the coupon this week, citing “unauthorized circulation”.  The fact is, KMart made a mistake.

The coupon was only supposed to be honored at select stores in New York, Baltimore and Chicago.  But somehow, the “unauthorized distribution” occurred when customers downloaded the coupon from the website.  It had no limitations on stores printed on it, and there were no restrictions on the number of times you could print it.  Perhaps “unauthorized distribution” is what KMart calls coupon and deals bloggers sharing the information and providing the link to the website.

There’s a lot of discussion on KMart’s Facebook page about this.  They have apologized for the error.  My suggeston is that KMart hire some marketing people who understand blogging, social networking, and the power of the web.

KMart’s double coupon days will be April 4-10.  Look here to see some coupon matchups so that you can be prepared.

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