Incredible Clothing Clearance
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Incredible Clothing Clearance

Posted on Thursday, March 12th, 2009 at 11:09 am
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This is a deal that I had to let you know about as soon as I could, and I hope that you can find it in your local area.

I went into my local Kohl’s to look for a specific birthday gift. While I was there, I spotted some amazing deals in the clearance racks. There were several tiers of clearance from 30 percent off to 90 percent off. Of course, I headed to the 80% and 90% off racks first.

I was amazed at what was available. In the boys section, I spotted heavy hooded sweatshirts with a guitar design on the front. The shirts were of good quality and cool looking in and of themselves, but what made them more special was the free included radio that resembled a white iPod. The shirt with the radio was marked down to $6.80. I made sure to grab one of these for my son. He was happy to get a cool shirt for school, not to mention the radio. I think it was out of its box in a record 10 seconds, despite the heavy packaging.

Other clearance items that I quickly grabbed included brand name long-sleeved dress shirts for my husband to wear to work as well as some casual men’s shirts. The were all marked between $4 and $8.50.

Over in the little girls section, I picked up fancy holiday dresses in next year’s sizes for 90 percent off. It was an incredible deal, especially when you consider that those dresses are so expensive around the holidays, and the kids are only in them once or twice.

I talked to one of the Kohl’s employees who said that the clearance prices are only going to go down this weekend, so you might want to make a trip to the store.

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