What to Do If Your Store Won’t Accept Printable Coupons
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What to Do If Your Store Won’t Accept Printable Coupons

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 11:44 am
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You print out your coupons and take them into Wal-mart, Target or your grocery store, where you do your shopping. The next thing you know, a cashier is telling you that your coupons can’t be used. What do you do?

Most stores today have policies saying that they will accept coupons printed on a home computer. Still, many shoppers run into problems trying to redeem their printable coupons at some stores. Here is some advice about what you can do if your store won’t accept printable coupons.

When shopping at a new location, it is helpful to first find out what the official policy of the store is, regarding printable coupons. You can usually find this information on the store’s website. Print out a copy of the policy and take it with you. This way, if your coupons are challenged, you can whip out the policy and show it to the cashier.

You can also go over to the customer service desk in the store and ask to see the company policy regarding printable coupons.

If you still can’t get a hold of the coupon policy, e-mail the customer service contact for the store and ask for a written statement of the store policy regarding printable coupons.

Using legitimate coupons from trusted sources, such as FreeCoupons.com will make it less likely that your coupons will be rejected. Legitimate coupons usually have a scan-able bar code and information on how the store can remit the coupon.

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