Sunday Coupon Preview September 15, 2013
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Sunday Coupon Preview September 15, 2013

Posted on Thursday, September 12th, 2013 at 11:27 am
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Smartsource 9/15 

Arm & Hammer $1/2 liquid laundry detergents (11/15)
Campbell’s $.50/1 Homestyle soups (11/10)
Dannon $.75/1 Danimals product (10/20)
Eggland’s Best $.50/1 eggs (12/15)
Eggland’s Best $.75/1 cage free dozen or organic dozen eggs (12/15)
Fiber Smart $2/1 product (12/31)
GE $1/1 energy smart, reveal CFL, energy efficient reveal or energy efficient soft white lighting product (11/13)
Glade $1.50/2 automatic spray refills (11/9)
Glade $1/1 Decor Scents holder (11/9)
Glade $1/1 Decor Scents twin refill or 2 single refills (11/9)
Glade $3/1 automatic spray starter kit (11/9)
Gorton’s $.50/1 items (11/30)
Green Giant $.60/3 frozen boxed vegetables (12/7)
Green Giant $.60/3 Seasoned Steamers or Valley Fresh Steamers frozen vegetables 11 or 12oz only (12/7)
Hefty $.55/1 waste bags (11/30)
Hefty $1/2 plates or bowls (11/30)
Hefty $1/2 slider bags 12ct+ (11/30)
Heinz/Ore-Ida $2 off 1 Simply Heinz and 1 Ore-Ida Simply Frozen Potato (10/31)
Herbal Essences $3/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products excludes color, body wash and trial size (10/31)
Hershey’s $1/1 Simple Pleasures 5.6oz chocolates (10/27) 
Hormel $1.50/3 Compleats microwave meals (11/4)
ICaps $3/1 eye vitamin formula (10/20)
Johnsonville $1/2 breakfast sausage (10/31) DND
Jolly Time $.50/1 microwave pop corn (10/31)
Lee Kum Kee Buy Panda Brand ready sauce, get soy sauce free up to $3 (12/31)
Lysol $.50/2 Power & Free multi-purpose cleaning wipes or any 2 Power & Free multi-purpose cleaner pours (10/16)
Lysol $.50/2 Power & Free toilet bowl cleaners (10/16)
Maxwell House International $1/1 (10/12)
Morton $.55 off 1 26oz plain or iodized salt and 1 salt & pepper shakers (11/10)
Morton $.55/1 kosher salt or coarse or fine sea salt excludes 4.4 oz fine sea salt (11/10)
Nestle/Wonka $1/2 fun size halloween candy bags 9.2oz+ (10/6)
New York $.50/1 frozen product (11/15)
Olay $1/1 facial moisturizer or facial cleanser (10/31) ETS
Olay $3/1 Pro-X facial moisturizer or facial cleanser or Regenerist facial moisturizer (10/31) ETS
Opti-Free $1.50/1 10oz+ solution (10/20)
Opti-Free $3/1 PurMoist, RepleniSH and Express 2x10oz twin packs (10/20)
Pantene Buy shampoo, get conditioner or styler free up to $4.99 (10/31) ETS
Revlon $2/1 cosmetics item (10/14) TARGET COUPON
Reynolds $.50/1 slow cooker liners 4ct+ (11/30)
Reynolds Wrap $.75/1 foil 35sqft+ excludes Wrappers (11/30)
Schick $1/1 Hydro shave gel (10/29) ETS
Schick $2/1 ST2 Slim Twin 12ct or ST3 Slim Triple 8ct excludes 2ct and 10+2ct (10/20)
Schick $3 off Hydro Silk razor and cartridge refill excludes disposables (10/29) TARGET COUPON
Schick $3/ off Hydro 5 razor and cartridge refill excludes disposables (10/29) TARGET COUPON
Schick $3/2 Hydro Silk or Hydro 5 disposable razors (10/29)
Skippy $.75/2 peanut butter or spread products 15oz+ (10/26)
Starbucks $.75/1 Discoveries Iced Cafe Favorites (11/10)
Sudafed $1/1 Sudafed, Sudafed PE or Children’s Sudafed product (11/15)
Sudafed $2/1 Sudafed, Sudafed PE or Children’s Sudafed product (9/29)
Systane $1.50/1 lubricant eye drop or gel formula (10/20)
Tom’s of Maine $1/1 deodorant, antiperspirant or bar soap (10/26) ETS
Tom’s of Maine $1/1 kids toothpaste or rinse excluding trial and toothpaste under 4oz (10/26)
Tom’s of Maine $1/1 toothpaste or mouthwash excluding trial and toothpaste under 4oz (10/26)
Vidal Sassoon $2/1 hair color product (10/31)
Wonderful Almonds $.50/1 5oz+ (11/15)
Wonderful Pistachios $.50/1 5oz+ (11/15)
Yoplait $1/4 yogurt multipacks (11/9)
Zyrtec $5/1 24ct+ product (10/5)
Zyrtec $7/1 product 40ct+ (9/22)

Red Plum 9/15

Bayer $1/1 aspirin 81 or 325mg 20ct+ (10/31)
Bayer $2/1 aspirin 500mg 20ct+ (10/31)
Bayer/One A Day/Alka-Seltzer $5/3 Bayer Aspirin 40ct+, One A Day multivitamins or Alka-Seltzer Plus (9/30)
Brawny $.55/1 paper towels (10/15)
C&H $1/1 organic blue agave nectar bottle (11/30)
C&H $2/1 light product (11/30)
Febreze with Gain $1/2 products (10/31) ETS
Gain $.25/1 dishwashing liquid (10/31)
Gain/Era $2/2 Gain/Era detergents 25oz+ or Gain fabric enhancers (10/31) ETS
Gillette Buy Fusion 4ct cartridge, get $3 off Fusion razor (10/31) ETS
Gillette Buy Fusion 8ct cartridge, get $7 off Fusion razor (10/31) ETS
Hasbro $5/1 Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Arc FX mission max (A1714) or Iron Man 3 Arc FX Gauntlet toy (A1715) (10/27)
Herbal Essences $.75/1 body wash (10/31) ETS
Johnson’s $.50/1 baby product excludes sizes 1-4oz, Buddies and Kids 1ct sudzing bar (11/10)
Johnson’s $.75/1 baby oil product excludes sizes 1-4oz (11/10) 
Land O’Frost $.50/1 bistro favorites, delishaved or sub sandwich kit (10/15)
Land O’Frost $2/2 premium packages (10/15)
L’Oreal $1/1 skincare product (11/9) ETS
L’Oreal $1/1 Studio Line styling product (11/9)
L’Oreal $2/1 Advanced Haircare treatment (11/9)
L’Oreal $2/1 haircolor product (11/9)
L’Oreal $2/1 Paris cosmetic face product excludes Magic Perfecting Base .17floz mini size (11/9)
L’Oreal $3/1 Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition (11/9) ETS
L’Oreal $4 off 1 Advanced Haircare shampoo and 1 Advanced Haircare conditioner excludes 1.7oz trial size (11/9)
Mars $1.50/3 fun size bags 8.6oz+ (10/31) DND
Mr. Clean $.50/1 liquid or spray (10/31) ETS
Neat 3B $.50/1 body saver product (10/31)
Neat 3B $.50/1 face saver product (10/31)
Newman’s Own $.50/1 pasta sauce (10/26)
Newman’s Own $.50/1 salad dressing (10/26)
Newman’s Own $.50/1 salsa (10/26)
Newman’s Own $1/1 complete skillet meal (10/26)
Newman’s Own $1/1 thin & crispy pizza (10/26)
Newman’s Own $1/1 wine (10/26)
Nivea $2/1 body lotion 6.8-16.9oz (10/13)
Nivea $2/1 Q10 skin firming lotion, serum or gel 2.5-13.5oz (10/13)
Nivea Men $2/1 body lotion 13.5-16.9oz (10/13)
Olay $2/2 body wash, bar soap 4ct+ or in shower body lotion excludes Simply and trial (10/31)
Pedigree $1/1 dry dog food 3.5lb+ (11/10)
Pedigree $1/1 Little Champions pouch variety pack 8 or 12ct or 6 single pouches or 6 13.2oz cans (11/10)
Right Guard $1.50/1 Xtreme antiperspirant or deodorant (10/5)
Right Guard $1.50/1 Xtreme or Total Defense 5 body wash or bar product (10/5)
Right Guard $1.50/2 Total Defense 5 antiperspirant or deodorant products (10/5)
Rimmel London $1/1 accelerator (11/30)
Rimmel London $1/1 eye, lip or nail (11/30)
Sheba B1G1 free 3oz wet cat food up to $1 (10/31) TARGET COUPON
Success $.50/1 rice product (11/24)
Sundown Naturals $1/1 vitamin or supplement (10/15)
Sundown Naturals $2/1 gummies (10/15)
ThermaCare $1/1 cold wrap 1ct or heat wrap 2ct+ (12/15)
ThermaCare $3/1 cold wrap 1ct (9/22)
Tide/Downy/Gain $1.50/2 Tide Pods bags, Downy Unstoppables or Gain Fireworks excludes Pods tubs and trial (10/31)
Tide/Downy/Gain $50/1 Tide Pods bag, Downy Unstoppables or Gain Fireworks excludes Pods tubs and trial (10/31)

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