Sunday Coupon Preview January 20, 2013
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Sunday Coupon Preview January 20, 2013

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 at 11:47 am
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Smartsource 1/20

Almay $2/1 cosmetic product (2/24)
Alouette $1/1 cheddar spreads (3/24)
Baileys $1/1 non-alcoholic coffee creamer (3/31) DND
BelVita $1/2 8.8oz breakfast biscuits (3/9)
Boboli $1/1 pizza crust (3/31) DND
Campbell’s $1/1 skillet sauces (3/31)
Chef Michael’s $3/1 food for dogs (2/24)
Colgate $.50/1 4oz+ Total, Optic White, Max Fresh or Sensitive toothpaste (2/9)
Colgate $.50/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excludes Plaus, Triple Action and Extra Clean (2/9)
Colgate $1/1 adult or kids powered toothbrush (2/9)
Enzymatic Therapy $2/1 Probiotic Pearls product (4/30)
Excedrin $1.50/1 100ct+ product (3/9)
Excedrin $1/1 24ct+ product (3/9)
Farm Rich $.75/1 18oz+ snack (3/31) 
Franks $.75/1 Redhot sauce (3/31)
Franks $.75/1 Redhot sweet chili or thick sauce (3/31)
French’s $.30/1 classic yellow mustard (3/31)
French’s $.50/1 spicy brown or horseradish mustard (3/31)
Gillette $2/1 disposable (2/28)
Glade $.75/1 Expressions fragrance mist starter kit (3/2)
Glade $3/1 Expressions oil diffuser starter kit (3/2)
Green Mountain Coffee $1.50/1 10 or 12oz bag (2/20)
Green Mountain Coffee $1/1 K-Cup packs (2/20)
Hebrew National $1/1 beef franks in a blanket (3/3)
Hershey’s $1/2 10oz+ Hershey’s Miniatures assortment, Hershey’s Kisses milk chocolate, Hershey’s Kiss cookies ‘n’ creme, Reese’s miniatures or York peppermint patties (3/15)
Hershey’s $1/2 8-10.5oz stand-up bags of Hershey’s Drops, Hershey’s with Almonds Pieces, Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s minis or Rolo minis (3/15)
Hormel $1/2 pepperoni packages (3/18)
Infusium 23 $1/1 16oz+ shampoo or conditioner (2/17)
Infusium 23 $2/1 8oz+ leave in treatment (2/17)
Irish Spring $1/1 6pk+ bar pack (2/9)
Irish Spring $1/1 body wash excludes 2.5oz (2/9)
Johnsonville $1/2 sausage (3/1)
Kozy Shack $.50/1 chocolate pudding (3/31)
Kozy Shack $.50/1 pudding (3/31)
Lloyd’s $1/1 barbecue product (3/18)
Mariani $.50/1 3oz+ dried fruit snacks (3/31) DND
Marzetti $1.50/11 Simply Dressed salad dressing (3/17)
MidNite $2/1 regular, for Menopause or PM (8/31)
Mt. Olive $1/1 pickles, peppers or relish (3/10)
Nature’s Way $2/1 Alive! multivitamin product (4/30)
Pepperidge Farm $.75/1 Baked Naturals (3/31)
Pepperidge Farm $1/1 Jingos! snacks (3/31)
Pert Plus $1/1 13.5oz+ 2-in-1 product (2/17)
Precious $.75/1 10oz+ Stringsters or Sticksters (3/31) DND
Progresso $.25/1 light soup can (3/16)
Progresso $.50/2 soup cans (3/16)
Reynolds $.50/1 slow cooker liners (5/31)
Reynolds Wrap $.50/1 pan lining paper (3/31) DND
Reynolds Wrap $.75/1 35sqft+ foil excluding Wrappers (2/28)
Similasan $2/1 ear care product (3/31)
Similasan $2/1 eye care product (3/31)
Similasan $2/1 kids care product (3/31)
Softsoap $.35/1 8oz+ liquid hand soap (2/9)
Softsoap $.50/1 28oz+ liquid hand soap refill (2/9)
Softsoap $.75/1 12oz+ body wash or 2pk+ bar soap (2/9)
Speed Stick $1/1 regular or lady antiperspirant/deodorant excludes 2oz, 1.4oz and .5oz (2/2)
Sunbelt Bakery $.75/1 granola box or fruit & grain bars (3/31) DND
Total $.75/1 whole grain or raisin bran (3/2)
Tylenol $1/1 cold product (3/31)
Tylenol $3/2 cold or sinus products (3/31)
Tyson $.75/1 breaded chicken strips (4/20)
Tyson $1/1 Any’tizers snacks (4/21)
Ultra Palmolive $.25/1 dish liquid (2/9)
Xenadrine $5/1 product (4/13)
Zevia $2/1 6pk (3/31)

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