Sunday Coupon Preview December 2, 2012
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Sunday Coupon Preview December 2, 2012

Posted on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 at 2:57 pm
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Smartsource 12/2 

Axe $1/1 4oz bodyspray, 2.7oz antiperspirant and deodorant or 3oz deodorant (12/30) ETS
Axe $2/1 16floz shower gel or detailer (12/30) ETS
Axe $3.75/1 holiday pack (12/30) ETS
Barilla $1/1 microwaveable meal (1/26)
Blink $1/1 Tears or GelTears (1/7)
Campbell’s $.40/2 condensed soups excluding chicken noodle, tomato and Great for Cooking varieties (1/31)
Campbell’s $.40/2 SpaghettiOs (1/31)
Campbell’s $.40/4 condensed chicken noodle or tomato soups (1/31)
Campbell’s $1/1 Go soup (1/12)
Carmex $.55/1 lip conditioner or any lip product (2/28)
Carmex $.75/1 moisture plus (2/28)
Chex $1/2 cereals (1/12)
Claritin $2/1 15ct+ D (12/30)
Claritin $4/1 24ct+ (12/30)
Colgate $.50/1 4oz+ toothpaste (12/22) 
Colgate $.50/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excludes Plus and Extra Clean (12/22)
Contac $1/1 Cold + Flu product (1/6)
Coricidin HBP $2/1 product (1/12)
Curel $1/1 7.5oz+ moisturizer (1/13)
Curel $2/1 intensive healing cream (1/13) ETS
Cuties $.50/1 2lb, 3lb or 5lb (1/2) DND
Edge $.55/1 shave gel excludes 2.75oz (1/13)
Efferdent $.75/1 48ct+ product (1/31)
Efferdent $2/2 48ct+ products (12/9)
Glade $.55/1 9.7oz premium room spray (2/9)
Glade $1.50/2 4oz jar or Scented Oil candles (2/9)
Glade $1.50/2 Winter Collection products excludes solids (2/9)
Glade $1/1 PlugIns Scented Oil twin refill or 2 single refills (2/9)
GoodNites $1.50/1 underwear or disposable bed mats (1/31) TARGET COUPON
GoodNites $3/2 underwear or disposable bed mats (1/31) TARGET COUPON
Hasbro $5/1 Kre-O Transformers Battle for Energon building set SKU# 98812 (1/31)
Hasbro Free Kreon Micro-Changers figure up to $3.49 SKU# A2034 (1/31)
Hills Bro $.55/1 12oz+ cappuccino (2/3)
Jergen’s $1.50/1 Crema Collection (1/12)
Jergen’s $1/1 8floz+ moisturizer (1/12)
Kleenex $.30/3 50ct+ boxes or 1 bundle pack (1/12)
Kleenex $.75/1 hand towels (1/12)
L’il Critters $1/1 120ct+ Gummy Vitamins (1/27)
L’il Critters $1/1 190ct Gummy Vites bottle (1/27)
One A Day $2/1 adult or teen multivitamin (12/31)
One A Day $5/2 adult or teen multivitamin (12/31)
Pillsbury $.30/2 refrigerated Grands! biscuits (2/23)
Pillsbury $.40/3 crescent dinner rolls (2/23)
Pillsbury $.50/2 rolled refrigerated pie crusts (2/23)
Pillsbury $.60/3 sweet rolls or Grands! sweet rolls (2/23)
Pillsbury $.75/2 refrigerated cookie dough (2/23)
Pine Mountain $.55/1 6ct or 8ct ZIP Superstarter (1/31)
Pine Mountain $1.25/1 StarterLogg (1/31)
Planters $1/2 4-21.5oz products excluding pistachios (2/28) DND
POM $.50//1 8oz, 16oz, 24oz or 48oz bottle (3/31) DND
Purina $1/2 Friskies cat treats or Whisker Lickin’s cat treats (3/2)
Purina $3/2 18oz+ dog snacks (3/2)
Purina $4/4 15.5oz or smaller dog snacks (3/2)
RevitaLens $1/1 OcuTec (1/7)
Schick $1/1 Hydro shave gel (1/13)
Schick $2/1 disposable razor pack excludes 2ct (1/13)
Schick $2/1 Hydro or Quattro for Men razor or refill (1/13)
Schick $2/1 Hydro Silk, Quattro for Women o Intuition razor or refill (1/13)
Scotch $1/1 Magic Tape one-handed tape dispenser (3/31)
Scotch $1/2 pop-up tape product (3/31)
Scotch-Brite $.7/2 scrub sponges, scour pads, dishwands or dishwand refills (1/10)
Scotch-Brite $.75/2 disposable toilet scrubber starter kits (1/31)
Scotch-Brite $.75/2 printed lint rollers (1/31)
Scotch-Brite $.75/2 soap dispensing dishwands or dishwand refills (1/31)
Scotch-Brite $.75/2 stainless steel or copper scrubbing pad or Dobie all purpose cleaning pad multi-packs (1/31)
SeaPak $.75/1 special edition item (1/6)
Skintimate $.55/1 shave gel or shave cream excludes 2.75oz (1/13)
Smart Balance $.50/1 spreadable butter or blended butter sticks (1/16)
Smart Balance $1/2 buttery spreads (1/16)
Starbucks $3/2 11oz+ coffee bags (2/2)
WhoNu? $.55/1 nutrition rich cookies (1/27)
Zarbee’s $1/1 adult product (4/30)
Zarbee’s $1/1 children’s product (4/30)
Ziploc $1/2 bags (1/12)
Ziploc $1/2 containers (1/12)

Red Plum 12/2

Aleve $2/1 40ct+ product excludes D (1/31)
Aleve $5/2 40ct+ products excludes D (1/31)
Alka-Seltzer $1/1 antacid product excludes Plus cold products (1/26)
Alka-Seltzer $2/1 Plus cold product excludes antacid products (1/26)
all $1/1 liquid, powder or mighty pacs laundry detergent (1/13) ETS
Centrum $3/1 regular, Silver multivitamin or Flavor Burst chews (1/5)
Centrum $5/1 Specialist multivitamin (1/5)
DiabetiDerm $3/1 product (2/28)
Ester-C $2/1 tablet or powder (1/16)
Fancy Feast $1/18 Elegant Medleys or Mornings cans (3/2)
Fancy Feast $1/24 cans (3/2)
Fleischmann’s $.40/1 strip or jar yeast (1/6)
Fleischmann’s $.40/1 strip or jar yeast (3/30)
Folgers $1/2 gourmet selections products (1/8) 
Garnier $2/1 moisturizer (3/1)
Garnier $2/1 Nutrisse nourishing color foam (1/12)
Gillette $10 off ProGlide razor when you buy cartridge or disposable (1/31)
Gillette $5 off Mach3 razor when you buy cartridge (1/31)
Jimmy Dean $.55/1 fully cooked product (1/6) DND
Jimmy Dean $.55/1 product (1/6) DND
Karo $.40/1 16oz+ syrup (3/30)
Life Savers/Starburst/Skittles $1/2 6.51-7oz Life Savers Hard Candy Sweet Storybook, Life Savers Gummies Sweet Game Book, Starburst Sweet Game Book or Skittles Sweet Game Book (12/26) DND
L’Oreal $1/1 EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure or EverStrong shampoo or conditioner (1/27)
L’Oreal $1/1 EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure or EverStrong treatment (1/27)
L’Oreal $1/1 EverStyle product (1/27)
Mars $1/2 7.94-19.5oz holiday products (12/25) DND
McCormick $.50/1 spice, herb, extract or food color (1/6)
Nivea $1/1 8.4-16.9oz body lotion (12/30)
Nivea $2/1 2.5-13.5oz Q10 skin firming ge3l, serum or lotion (12/30)
Nivea $3/2 .17oz-.3oz tube lip care products (12/16)
Nivea for Men $1/1 13.5oz body lotion (12/30)
Post $.55/1 Pebbles cereal (1/13)
Purina $5/2 pet care items; 11lb+ dry dog food, 13lb+ dry cat food, 24ct+ wet cat food, 35lb+ cat litter (1/31) TARGET COUPON
Snuggle $.50/1 fabric softener liquid or dryer sheets (1/13) ETS
Superpretzel $.50/1 soft pretzel item (1/10)

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